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Homework Due
Departments » Science Department » Period 3 - 6th Grade Comprehensive Science 1 » Homework Due
Class Name: Period 3 - 6th Grade Comprehensive Science 1
Teacher: Elizabeth Hanlon
Location: 207A
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Due: Apr 1
Last Modified: Mar 22 7:48 AM (2 days ago)
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Announcement: There will be NO EXTRA HELP SESSIONS during the first week we are back from Spring Break. The reason is that I am proctoring and helping with the FSA testing this week. Please make note of this change and do not allow your child to come to my room because I will not be there. We will have extra help again starting on Tuesday, April 9th. 

In addition, the following weeks I will NOT BE HAVING EXTRA HELP:

April 29 to May 3

May 6 to May 10. 

Any other week I will have EXTRA HELP.  Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your understanding. Unfortunately, I cannot be in two places at once and the state exams are very important for teachers to help set up and participate in giving.