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Class Name: Period 5 English 2
Teacher: Mesra Phanord M.Ed
Location: 105B
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Due: May 28
Last Modified: May 23 12:04 PM
It is the end of the year! 

Next week will be the final assessment grades for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Tues./Weds.- Unit 11 Vocabulary Test
Thurs./Fri.- "Frankenstein" Chapters 7-10 Quiz

*All comprehension questions up to chapter 10 of "Frankenstein" must completed for project grades.

*The optional project offered to help students with their lowest assessment grade MUST be turned in either on Thursday (A) and Friday (B). "Victor Frankenstein Comparison" is uploaded under the tab for Class Documents.

Due: May 21
Last Modified: May 17 2:23 PM
Please study for the chapters 3 through 6 "Frankenstein" quiz for Tuesday 5/21/19, you should have already answered the comprehension questions in class.

Due: May 13
Last Modified: May 9 11:30 AM
Unit 10 Test is today. Please study on Sadlier-Connect.

Materials Check is today! Please come prepared with your Frankenstein book and packet.
*Chapters 3 and 4 questions must be answered.

Due: May 7
Last Modified: May 6 8:10 AM
Testing will take place throughout the month of May! Please keep up with the novel reading (at home) if you miss class due to testing or for any excusable reason. You are responsible for making up any assignment or quiz within the week it occurs. These are the last weeks of the school year, you must be responsible.

Novel Reading:
May 6th- 10th: Chapters 3/4
May 13th- 17th: Chapters 5/6
May 20th- 24th: Chapters 7/8
May 27th-31st: Chapters 9/10

Due: May 7
Last Modified: May 3 1:18 PM
"Frankenstein" chapters 1-2 quiz is TODAY! 

Due: Apr 21
Last Modified: Apr 12 9:48 AM
USA Test Prep is back! Please complete this assignment for a grade. Take your time and carefully practice the skills you will need for your FSA on May 1st. 

Due: Apr 10
Last Modified: Apr 10 6:40 AM
Analyze prompt, read sources, plan thesis, find evidence and write essay. Edit later. Be like Spongebob- determined.

Due: Apr 10
Last Modified: Apr 9 1:13 PM
Use the attached file as a review of the parts needed for the essay exam! 


*If you cannot see my review document, please see my class documents tab; I have uploaded it under Essay Parts Review.

Due: Mar 22
Last Modified: Mar 20 10:00 AM
FINAL DRAFT of Informative Essay DUE! You were to finish typing it in class and hand me a printed copy by Friday! If you will be absent on Friday, please prepare to drop it off Thursday.

Due: Mar 18
Last Modified: Mar 14 9:56 PM

Materials check is 3/18 (A) and 3/19 (B). You must have:

1. Writing Packet

2. Frankenstein novel

This is worth a test grade! Be responsible!

Due: Mar 12
Last Modified: Mar 8 7:14 AM
Vocabulary Unit 8 Test TODAY!
Please prepare for the same format as before (10 sentences with the unit word bank)

Please bring "Counter-Attack" by Siegfried Sassoon from StudySync

Due: Mar 4
Last Modified: Mar 3 4:25 PM
Essay Competition Students:

There is a parent/guardian waiver that must be signed. Please have this printed and signed. The deadline for entry in the competition is tomorrow by 5 p.m.

I can stay after school tomorrow from 2:30-3:30pm to help you submit, but you must have this waiver signed.

You can access the waiver on my Doral page under the tab for links. Click on Florida Black History Essay Contest and scroll down for the form.

***Thank you for all your effort! Final submissions tomorrow!***

Due: Feb 28
Last Modified: Feb 26 3:37 PM
Competition Essay Students ONLY- please see attachment! I must have all writing (essay and personal statement) by Thursday to review and critique.
If you have not already submitted an essay for the competition it is too late for me to review for the first time. You may complete and submit on your own if you chose.

Due: Feb 22
Last Modified: Feb 12 8:40 AM
Black History Month Essay is due TODAY! Please see the links tab on my Doral page for contest information and list of influential African-Americans.

*Please ask a teacher for recommendation letter! I am your last resort if you plan to submit for the essay contest.

Due: Feb 22
Last Modified: Feb 19 2:12 PM
Book Check TODAY! Please bring "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley.
Due: Feb 20
Last Modified: Feb 18 11:04 AM
Please bring the passage "Civil Action" from StudySync.

*"Frankenstein" book check will be on 2/21 (B) and 2/22 (A).

Due: Feb 20
Last Modified: Feb 19 2:08 PM
Due to ACT testing Wednesday, February 20th our class will be relocated for the listed periods. You must arrive on time. 

Period 1: 114 A (first floor A building)

Period 3: 214 A (second floor A building)

Period 5: Spill Out (We will sit near the teacher's lounge alcove, near the fans! You may not leave spill out without informing me)

Due: Feb 15
Last Modified: Feb 13 4:11 PM
As stated in class- “Animal Farm” Test 2/14 (B) and 2/15 (A). 20 multiple-choice comprehension questions.

***USA TestPrep #9 is due Sunday by 11:59pm***
 “Success requires effort and hard work”

Due: Feb 13
Last Modified: Feb 7 2:53 PM
Unit 7 Vocabulary Test TODAY!

***Purchase new novel, "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley for book check on 2/21 (B) and 2/22 (A) 

Due: Feb 5
Last Modified: Feb 3 12:46 PM
Please bring "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot for class.

*REMINDER: "Animal Farm" chapters 7-10 quiz on Monday (B-day) and Tuesday (A-day)

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