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Homework Due
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Class Name: AP Psychology
Teacher: Dr.  O
Location: 106B
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Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: 7:51 AM
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AP Textbook Return

Return your AP Psychology Textbook to 106B by Friday, May 24th.

Students who do not return the textbook will be issued a financial obligation for $140.

Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: 7:50 AM
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End-of-Year Make-up Policy

If you are missing any assignments or exams you MUST make up the assessment by 5/30/19. You may come before or stay after school to make up any missing assignment - however 24 hour notice is required for after school sessions.

I will NOT be in school the last week - I will be in Tampa grading AP Psychology Exams for College Board.

Grades will be FINALIZED on Friday, May 31st. No changes will be made after Friday, May 31st.

Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: May 19 11:21 AM (4 days ago)
Online submissions not permitted.
Multicultural Fair Project!

You must create a 3D representation of Japanese culture for the Social Studies Multicultural Fair! This will count as your final Text/Exam grade for the 4th Quarter.

You may choose any visual representation of Japanese culture, including architecture, fashion, art, religion, food, or history. Below are some examples of 3D projects, but you may go beyond this list. If you have a question about the appropriateness of your project, ask Dr. O.

  • A Shinto Shrine Gate
  • A bullet train
  • Traditional architecture
  • Kimono or other traditional fashion
  • A bonsai tree
  • Noh Theater masks
  • Paper lanterns
  • A display of traditional Japanese foods (fake food, no perishable items allowed)
  • An origami display