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Homework Due
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Class Name: 6th Grade Gifted Language Arts
Teacher: Kristina Fiorentino
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Due: May 28 (Tue)
Last Modified: May 13 2:38 PM
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Freedom Walkers Project Due

Below, please find the steps that are written on the board:
  1. Read you assigned section and take down notes
  2. Divide Key Elements among group members
  3. Individually: Research on your assigned elements (5-10 facts)
  4. Group: Get together and make sure your Elements/Facts work together to tell a cohesive story - Is the chapter fully told? Is your research relevant to your assigned chapter? Does it make sense before/after your group members research?
  5. Individually: Prepare a Presentation (Digital). Include Facts and Images; make sure each slide/presentation leads into each other (Step 4)
  6. Consult with other groups to make sure it all makes sense