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Class Name: Period 7 6th Advance
Teacher: Annaliet  Echaniz
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Due: May 13
Last Modified: May 10 1:58 PM
Skills Practice book test prep Pages 127-138 Odds
We will take the statistics test once we meet next week.
Please bring a duo tang folder to class next week. Do NOT leave the binder at home yet, wait until your class is instructed to do so.

Due: May 7
Last Modified: May 6 2:22 PM
Please click, open and complete attachment. Great studying tool for the statistics portion of your FSA.
I will collect it upon your return to my class as evidence that it was used to study.

You are all equipped to outshine in that assessment tomorrow; be confident and show them what you can do. I am already proud of you!

Due: May 3
Last Modified: May 1 2:24 PM
Finish working on FSA spiral Review
Quiz on Expressions/equations Friday

Due: May 1
Last Modified: Apr 29 2:18 PM
SSpiral Review FSA pages 45-62
Begin working on geometry packet

Due: Apr 29
Last Modified: Apr 25 2:27 PM
Edit and make corrections to the FSA practice test given in class today. Will collect fr a classwork grade next time we meet.

Due: Apr 29
Last Modified: Apr 25 9:40 AM
please see attachment for notes
Continue working om FSA Review PAcket

Due: Apr 26
Last Modified: Apr 23 3:33 PM
Progress Reports will be going home soon. If you are missing any grades/assignments/ tests from the last two weeks; your deadline for make-ups is Friday of this week.
Be reminded that make-ups are before class to avoid missing yet another lesson.
After Friday missing grades will be entered as Zeros. Keep in mind you are responsible for keeping track of your grades, and if you miss a class you have 72 hours to complete the work for full credit. Allowing you two weeks is a courtesy ; take advantage !

Due: Apr 25
Last Modified: Apr 23 12:07 PM
Skills Practice Pg.129 section A 1&2
Pg.130 Section B 1-2
Pg.131 Sections C 1-2 and V. 1-2
Pg. 133 (2)
Pg.134 (2)
Pg.136 (1)
Pg.137 (1-2)

Due: Apr 23
Last Modified: Apr 18 10:10 AM
M5-83 &84 Practice

Due: Apr 16
Last Modified: Apr 12 3:28 PM
M5T1 test next class
Test prep 110-121 odds skills practice
Review packet handed in class

Due: Apr 10
Last Modified: Apr 8 10:14 AM
M5-21 Write
M5-22 Practice
M5-23 Review
Due: Apr 4
Last Modified: Apr 3 1:41 PM
Place Module 5 pages inside textbook section of the Math binder. Store away Module 4.
Due: Apr 2
Last Modified: Mar 21 10:26 AM
Module 4 study guide (short printed copy of 9 questions)

Have and awesome spring break.
Rest, be well and come back re-energized !

Due: Apr 2
Last Modified: Mar 22 9:54 AM
Here are the links of the videos we used in class today.
I recommend you revisit these before coming back from the break. As you saw today, they are really short, should not take any more than 10 min of your time.





Due: Mar 22
Last Modified: Mar 20 3:11 PM
If you are missing assignment grades because you have been absent during test/quiz days, make arrangements to come by early Thursday or Friday. Remember the quarter closes this week and any missing grades will turn into Z unless your absence is excused and you make up the work.

Due: Mar 20
Last Modified: Mar 18 2:06 PM
Reminder ! M4T1 Quiz
Make sure to study

Due: Mar 20
Last Modified: Mar 18 10:01 AM
Test Prep Skills Practice P. 96-100 Odds and Evens
M4-45 Practice
M4-46 Review

Due: Mar 18
Last Modified: Mar 14 11:28 AM
M4-33 Practice
Begin working on test prep pages 96-100 (skills practice evens and odds)
Due: Mar 15
Last Modified: Mar 12 1:05 PM
Students who missed (were absent ) Q.3 post test, I need you to come in early this week to make up the test. Remember we close grades right before spring break, therefore I need all carnegie post tests completed by the end of this week.

Due: Mar 12
Last Modified: Mar 8 9:48 AM
M4-21 Practice
M4-22 Review
Skills Practice pages 96-97 (Odds and Evens )
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