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Homework Due
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Class Name: Course 2
Teacher: Nancy Vega
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Due: Apr 1
Last Modified: Yesterday 9:41 AM
When absent you have 72 hours to do all your make-ups. Any homework missed due to your absent, must be turn in when return from the absence.

1. Carnegie Units 3 & 4 for Quarter 4. Please follow the schedule..
2. Be sure that in your binder you have Module 4 Topic 1: pages M4-7 through M4-64
3. As of right now the FSA Math exam is scheduled for May 15 & 16. Make sure you are not absent. You should be reviewing all that we have done and even reviewed in class.

Calculator: Casio FX-260 Solar or Casio FX-260 Solar II . I Have uploaded a photo of both.
? Always to review what has been done in class. Previous lessons taught show up in quizzes and tests.
? No late assignment (s) will be accepted
? Binders will be checked often. Always come to class prepared
? When absent, it is your responsibility to have the make-up when you return and make sure you turn in your note to the main office.