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Homework Due
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Class Name: 2nd Period U.S. History
Teacher: Alexander  Bichel
Location: 216A
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Due: May 29 (Wed)
Last Modified: May 23 12:11 PM (4 days ago)
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Test #8; Part I is like the EOC. It is cumulative (It is our baseline exam) Use the EOC study materials to prepare for it
Test #8; Part II
You need to know the following "macro-concepts"
Be sure to include important people, places and events/time

Civil War and Reconstruction (Cause/Course/Consequence), Industrial Revolution, Gilded Age/Populism, Progressive Movement, Imperialism & Spanish American War,
World War I (Cause/Course/Consequence), The 1920�s, The 1930�s; The Great Depression/New Deal, The 1940s � World War II (Cause/Course/Consequence), 1950�s Foreign Policy, 1950�s Domestic Policy, 1960�s Foreign and Domestic Policy, Civil Rights and other Social Movements, The 1970�s (Domestic and Foreign Policy),The 1980�s � 2000�s (Domestic and Foreign Policy)

Due: May 29 (Wed)
Last Modified: May 22 11:37 AM (5 days ago)
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Use this to study for the EOC and Test #8 (Or to make-up Power Point Assignment #4)

Due: May 29 (Wed)
Last Modified: May 21 12:57 PM (6 days ago)
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As explained in class. You must complete all summary sentences and have your parent fill out the certification sheet. Assignments must be handwritten. No typed answers will be awarded credit.
Please do this HW assignment. It could mean the difference for you passing the EOC.

Due: May 29 (Wed)
Last Modified: May 21 12:16 PM (6 days ago)
Online submissions not permitted.
Students will be taking Test #8, Parts I and II. The Test is cumulative for the entire 2018-2019 year. Part I is micro (Details) topics, and Part II is macro concepts that will require students to give details like time, important people places and events.
Students can study the online textbook and in-class test preparation. Student will bring in the following work for collection
1. Mock Test #1, 2, 3 and 4 (Mock Test #4 was only given to 5th and 6th periods)
Power Point Assignment #4
3. Bellwork: Bellwork should be stapled in upper left-hand corner with name on upper right hand corner, in chronological order from the work on either 4/10 or 4/11 in the beginning to the most recent at the end.
4. EOC Homework/ Parent certification note
5.. Extra-Credit Assignment.
6. (6th period only) Test #8 In-Class Preparation
All of this work will go in a folder (As modeled in class) with the Student's name, Class period and due date written on the front.