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Class Name: MS Studio Art 2&3
Teacher: Jose J. Pita-Vazquez
Location: 223B
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Due: Apr 1
Last Modified: Mar 22 5:48 PM
I wish you all a great and safe Spring Break. Remember to bring a print out of your self-portrait, or your parent's portrait, best friend, dog, cat. Just make sure:

1- It is printed black and white on a regular white paper (8.5 '' by 11'')
2- It covers the whole page or at least a big part of the page, the more background you have the more scratching you will have to do.
3- Investigate some of the basic techniques and safety rules for Dry-point etching. I will go over during the class, but at least you will have an idea.

Email me if you have any questions.
Mr. Pita

Due: Mar 22
Last Modified: Mar 12 2:12 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Continue working on your sgrafitto projects. Watch video online of the different techniques to obtain the grays and mid-tones while working with scratch-boards. Every project is done in class.
Due: Jan 11
Last Modified: 12/19/2018 1:09 PM
Hello to each of you and happy holidays.

It would bring great joy to my heart and also fill the artroom with that joy if you all would pay the material fee for this year.  I can only order supplies with the money that you contribute.  Please take the time and go the the website under the Students tab and click on Class Fee Payments, put in your ID and pay the fee for your ART CLASS this year.  

Do so as soon as possible.  If you wait until the end of the year, you just gave money to next year's art students.  You will not see the effect of your own fee during this school year.  Again, I cannot order art supplies with some other source of money hiding in the school somewhere.  The amount you give = the art material budget for the year.

If everyone of you would've paid by now, we would have over $2,000 to spend on your art experience in my class.  We are running very low on a lot of supplies.

I hope I have made this clear.

Due: 12/10/2018
Last Modified: 12/4/2018 10:55 AM
If you need to finish the Final Figure Drawing, here are the references.

Due: 11/28/2018
Last Modified: 11/26/2018 10:25 AM

Do ALL 3 drawings using directional lines


Due: 11/15/2018
Last Modified: 11/13/2018 9:59 AM
Here is the link for the simple skeletal system diagram so that you may finish it for a grade on Thursday.


Due: 10/15/2018
Last Modified: 10/11/2018 9:22 AM
Here is the PowerPoint that we discussed in class :^)

Use it as a study supplement for the next assessment.

Due: 9/7/2018
Last Modified: 9/5/2018 10:16 AM
Bring SOAP !!!


Due: 8/24/2018
Last Modified: 8/21/2018 10:07 AM
Here is an article that we can all benefit from reading.  It has to do with the science behind feeling tired in the afternoon and what you can do to feel better and be more productive.

:^) Happy Arting.

Due: 8/23/2018
Last Modified: 8/20/2018 2:17 PM
Please turn in the syllabus for our class completed.  This needs to include your parent/guardian's phone number and their email address.  Next to your name please write your period number.