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Class Name: English 2 Honors P.1
Teacher: Crystal Veber
Location: 111A
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Due: May 31
Last Modified: May 21 9:17 PM
Online submissions not permitted.

I am offering extra credit for lightly used/lightly annotated books. I will only accept one book per student. You cannot receive multiple grades for multiple books. I am only accepting a certain amount of each book; so first come, first serve. There are no exceptions to these rules, please do not ask.

(20 needed) Macbeth: No Fear Shakespeare Version

(35 needed) Animal Farm

Due: May 23
Last Modified: May 21 8:29 PM
See the attachment below for the annotation and outline instructions for the project.

Annotations and outlines are due Wednesday at the end of class for period 2, and Thursday at the beginning of class for period 1. 

Presentations will take place next week. We will present in random order, if you are not ready to present on the day you are chosen then you will receive a penalty of two letter grades. Presentations should take approximately 5 minutes. Your classmates and I may ask follow up questions for your presentation.

Presentations must have some sort of visual element; that may be: a powerpoint, a prezi, a significant quote shown on the board, an image, a short video clip, etc.

The presentation should consist of:
- The title and author of the essay
- A brief overall summary of the article
- An explanation of 3-5 major points/ideas/arguments/etc
- Supporting details, evidence, elaboration for each of the 3-5 major points 
- Your evaluation of the article, and why: was it insightful? helpful? interesting? complicated? irrelevant? incorrect?

Due: May 20
Last Modified: May 16 8:47 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Read and annotate your chosen Frankenstein article and bring it on Monday.

Remember, the articles are tricky and college level, just do your best. You may not understand everything and that is ok. However, you should be able to pull some information from the article that you can present to the class. If you find your essay impossible to understand, email me before Sunday at 7 pm and I will provide you with a new article.


Frankenstein Final Test will also be on Monday.

Due: May 13
Last Modified: May 10 11:11 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Read chapter 20 (Volume 3, Chapter 4) (Volume III, Chapter IV)
Complete 8-10 annotations

Due: May 10
Last Modified: May 7 7:20 PM
Chapter 17 (volume 3, chapter 1), 8 annotations for a grade -- Due Friday

Due: May 6
Last Modified: Apr 26 11:29 AM
Ch 13-15 (20 annotations) due Monday, May 6th
I will check annotations and we will have a quiz for these chapters since they cover the ending of the monster's story.

Chapter 13-15 is also called:
volume 2 chapters 6-8
volume II chapters VI-VIII

Due: Apr 26
Last Modified: Apr 24 8:02 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Read Frankenstein Ch 12 (Volume II, Chapter V) (Volume 2, Chapter 5)

Complete 8 annotations

We will review in class on Friday

Due: Apr 15
Last Modified: Apr 13 1:16 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Complete page 28 in the Romeo and Juliet packet

Due: Apr 15
Last Modified: Apr 13 1:15 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Hw update: 10 annotations for chapter 7 due Monday, chapter 1-8 test on Wednesday

Due: Apr 11
Last Modified: Apr 9 9:21 AM
On Thursday, we will be reading chapters 5 and 6 in class, make sure you have the book or the chapters printed out.

Homework for Monday: 10 annotations for chapter 7, review previous chapters.

On Monday, we will read chapter 8 and then have a test on chapters 1-8.
Due: Apr 9
Last Modified: Apr 5 8:25 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Please read chapter 4 and complete 10 annotations based on the themes and characterization shown in the chapter. I will check/grade them on Tuesday.
Due: Apr 5
Last Modified: Apr 4 8:15 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Remember, annotations for Ch 2-3 are due tomorrow. You need a total of 10 annotations for the two chapters. Spread out the 10 annotations between the two chapters, don't clump them all in one section, and annotate for both characterization and themes.

We'll have a discussion on Friday regarding the chapters and your annotations, and we will have a short reading check quiz.
Due: Apr 5
Last Modified: Apr 1 10:17 AM
Frankenstein Annotations Ch 2-3 due Friday

Due: Apr 1
Last Modified: Mar 31 2:48 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Please bring Frankenstein on Monday. If you won't have the book, please print the first chapter. 

Updated link-
A search of "Frankenstein 1818 PDF" brings up many printable versions of the text:

Due: Apr 1
Last Modified: Mar 26 4:21 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
The FSA writing study guide is due Monday 4/1, you will have a test that day covering the material from this homework assignment. Copying will result in a detention, as this is an important assignment. Please answer the following questions by using your FSA writing packets to guide you. Your answers may be written or typed and printed.

If you were absent Thursday of Friday of the last week of school, the first 8 pages of the study guide are attached.

Pgs 9-10 are here: http://www.jccc.edu/student-resources/resource-centers-tutoring/writing-center/files/quotation-verbs-2.pdf 

Pgs. 11-14 are here: https://depts.washington.edu/owrc/Handouts/Using%20Transitions%20Effectively.pdf

Pg. 1

1. Name and explain one strategy you would like to use in an introduction. Briefly explain how you could have used this strategy in your last essay.

Pg. 1-2

2. Name and explain one strategy you would like to use in a conclusion. Briefly explain how you could have used this strategy in your last essay.

Pg. 4

3. Create a counterargument for school uniforms, you can argue for whichever side you want, just make sure to follow the outline provided in the packet with 5 steps.

Use the evidence from this website: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/the-pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms

To cite the source in your quotes, you can just cite the author’s name: Amelia Josephson OR (Josephson)

Pg. 5

4. Write a lead in sentence using a colon. Don’t forget your citation. Create your claim sentence and evidence from the previously used website: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/the-pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms

Example answer: In the article, “Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help,” Laura Parker provides examples of the various games that have helped those suffering from mental health issues: “Night in the Woods and Pry have delved into self-identity, anger issues and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Pg. 6

5. How much should you quote? Why?

Pg. 8

6. Fix the following quote to make it grammatically correct by using brackets. (Hint: the error is in the point of view of the quote).

Ms. Veber knew her students did not want to do homework during spring break, but she reminded them: “Your test is in two weeks.”

Pg. 9

7. Write 3 evidence sentences, using various quotation verbs from the packet. Remember to use a comma after the verb, and don’t forget to provide citations.

Create your claim sentence and evidence from the previous website: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/the-pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms

Example: In the article, “Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help,” Laura Parker explains that “the interactive nature of games made them more effective than film or television at dealing with mental health.”

Pg. 12-14

8. Provide 10 transition words/phrases that you don’t use or rarely use, and that you would like to incorporate into your writing. (Please don’t write down random words for my sake, this is to help you memorize the words before your test.)

Due: Mar 25
Last Modified: Mar 24 11:26 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Essay revisions are due to Turnitin.com tomorrow night, Monday 3/25. Login to the website to view your revisions (4th and 6th period received their revisions on paper). When viewing your revisions, click the button on the top right that says "all layers" and make sure you have "similarity" unchecked but the other two boxes checked.

Revisions must be sent to turnitin.com, do not email essays to me, they will not be accepted this way.

Please let me know if you have issues.

I will update you with the writing study guide homework tomorrow.

Due: Mar 18
Last Modified: Mar 16 3:07 PM
Read the printed Frankenstein letter 4 (skip 3)

As you read, answer these on a separate sheet of paper:

1. Letter 4, pg. 15: While the ship is stuck in the ice, what do the sailors encounter?
2. Letter 4, pg. 16-21: Provide 3 quotes (3-10 words each) to characterize the stranger
3. Letter 4, pg. 16-21: What important details do we not know about the stranger?
4. Letter 4, pg. 22-23: What will the stranger tell Robert (the letter writer)?
5. Letter 4, pg. 22-23: What was the purpose of these letters, how do they relate to the novel that will follow these, Frankenstein? (What will Robert likely do with what the stranger tells him?)
6. What kind of tone do the letters create for the rest of the novel? How?

HW: In your Frankenstein packets, flip to the tone questions on the last page. Answer #3 and #5. We will go over this next class and you will have a quiz on these letters.

Due: Mar 11
Last Modified: Mar 6 8:20 AM
Essay timeline:

Thursday, we will complete the body paragraphs in class.

Friday, we will briefly review counterarguments and draft our counterargument and conclusions.

Sunday night, submit your essay to Turnitin.com

Monday, please bring your printed essay to class.'

**Don't forget Frankenstein for 3/18**
Due: Mar 11
Last Modified: Mar 8 7:48 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Submit your essays to Turnitin.com before class on Monday.

Please print your essays and bring them into class, if you will have an issue printing then email me at Cveber@doralacademyprep.org before 7 pm on Sunday.

Late essays will be marked down a letter grade every day.
Due: Mar 10
Last Modified: Mar 9 5:00 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Hi all,

Remember: essays are due to Turnitin.com Sunday by 7pm.

Submissions after 7pm will be considered a day late, every day late will be a letter grade lower.

If you need to make a new account on Turnitin, you can find the sign up information on my website.

I will print your essays for you.

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