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Class Name: English 1 P.4
Teacher: Crystal Veber
Location: 11A
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Due: May 31
Last Modified: May 21 9:15 PM
Online submissions not permitted.

I am offering extra credit for lightly used/lightly annotated books. I will only accept one book per student. You cannot receive multiple grades for multiple books. I am only accepting a certain amount of each book; so first come, first serve. There are no exceptions to these rules, please do not ask.

(35 books needed) To Kill a Mockingbird

(20 books needed) Romeo and Juliet: No Fear Shakespeare Version

(20 books needed) Of Mice and Men

Due: May 20
Last Modified: May 16 8:50 PM
Read chapter 6 and complete page 22 of the packet.

Of Mice and Men final test on Monday, and it will include questions based on chapters 5-6 of the book. Some of these questions are not based on the movie, so I HIGHLY recommend you read/review these chapters.

Due: May 14
Last Modified: May 10 11:14 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Complete the Of Mice and Men packet page 13

These pages go with chapters 2, if you have trouble remembering the answers to the questions then go skim through the chapter and/or watch the Coursehero videos on Youtube.

Due: May 6
Last Modified: May 1 11:03 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Complete the Of Mice and Men packet pages 9-11.

Due: May 2
Last Modified: Apr 21 8:25 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
We will be starting the last novel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, on Wednesday/Thursday May 1st/2nd (depending when you have my class). Make sure you have the novel by then. If you will not have the book in time, print the first chapter and bring it to class that day.


If you do not have the chapter with you, you will receive a grade of "0" for the day, because you will be unprepared for the annotations.

Due: Apr 15
Last Modified: Apr 13 1:16 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Complete page 28 in the Romeo and Juliet packet

Due: Apr 3
Last Modified: Apr 2 2:54 PM
Don't forget, paragraphs are due tomorrow if you didn't get a chance to finish during class.

Due: Apr 1
Last Modified: Mar 26 4:21 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
The FSA writing study guide is due Monday 4/1, you will have a test that day covering the material from this homework assignment. Copying will result in a detention, as this is an important assignment. Please answer the following questions by using your FSA writing packets to guide you. Your answers may be written or typed and printed.

If you were absent Thursday of Friday of the last week of school, the first 8 pages of the study guide are attached.

Pgs 9-10 are here: http://www.jccc.edu/student-resources/resource-centers-tutoring/writing-center/files/quotation-verbs-2.pdf 

Pgs. 11-14 are here: https://depts.washington.edu/owrc/Handouts/Using%20Transitions%20Effectively.pdf

Pg. 1

1. Name and explain one strategy you would like to use in an introduction. Briefly explain how you could have used this strategy in your last essay.

Pg. 1-2

2. Name and explain one strategy you would like to use in a conclusion. Briefly explain how you could have used this strategy in your last essay.

Pg. 4

3. Create a counterargument for school uniforms, you can argue for whichever side you want, just make sure to follow the outline provided in the packet with 5 steps.

Use the evidence from this website: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/the-pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms

To cite the source in your quotes, you can just cite the author’s name: Amelia Josephson OR (Josephson)

Pg. 5

4. Write a lead in sentence using a colon. Don’t forget your citation. Create your claim sentence and evidence from the previously used website: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/the-pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms

Example answer: In the article, “Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help,” Laura Parker provides examples of the various games that have helped those suffering from mental health issues: “Night in the Woods and Pry have delved into self-identity, anger issues and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Pg. 6

5. How much should you quote? Why?

Pg. 8

6. Fix the following quote to make it grammatically correct by using brackets. (Hint: the error is in the point of view of the quote).

Ms. Veber knew her students did not want to do homework during spring break, but she reminded them: “Your test is in two weeks.”

Pg. 9

7. Write 3 evidence sentences, using various quotation verbs from the packet. Remember to use a comma after the verb, and don’t forget to provide citations.

Create your claim sentence and evidence from the previous website: https://smartasset.com/mortgage/the-pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms

Example: In the article, “Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help,” Laura Parker explains that “the interactive nature of games made them more effective than film or television at dealing with mental health.”

Pg. 12-14

8. Provide 10 transition words/phrases that you don’t use or rarely use, and that you would like to incorporate into your writing. (Please don’t write down random words for my sake, this is to help you memorize the words before your test.)

Due: Mar 25
Last Modified: Mar 24 11:26 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Essay revisions are due to Turnitin.com tomorrow night, Monday 3/25. Login to the website to view your revisions (4th and 6th period received their revisions on paper). When viewing your revisions, click the button on the top right that says "all layers" and make sure you have "similarity" unchecked but the other two boxes checked.

Revisions must be sent to turnitin.com, do not email essays to me, they will not be accepted this way.

Please let me know if you have issues.

I will update you with the writing study guide homework tomorrow.

Due: Mar 12
Last Modified: Mar 11 6:56 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Essays are due on Turnitin.com by Tuesday, March 12 11:59 PM

Remember, essays are 30% of your grade and it will be included on the report card for this quarter.

Go to my website if you need the enrollment key for Turnitin.com
Due: Mar 7
Last Modified: Mar 5 12:41 PM
Finish essay outline for next class
Due: Mar 7
Last Modified: Mar 6 6:54 PM
Online submissions not permitted.

Today there was some confusion regarding the proper use of an ellipsis ( . . . ) in a quote. I was able to find some sources to help clear this up, and I wanted to send them out to you all since you may be working on your essays at home.

There are multiple ways to use the ellipsis according to the MLA handbook:

The website states, "writers only need to use ellipsis if it’s unclear that the quotation does not completely reproduce the original passage." Because of this, I only use an ellipsis in the middle of my quotes to show the reader that I have taken something out, because it is usually unnecessary to show that something has been removed from the beginning or end of the quote, as this does not usually impact the meaning of the quote.

However, there are various accepted ways to use the elipsis, as shown on the official MLA website:


This site shows 3 different acceptable ways, I have been encouraging you all to use "way 1," but many of you have told me that you were taught to use "way 3." Either is acceptable, but I personally feel that the frequent use of ellipses throughout a paper makes it look messy.

Either way, I wanted to give you all this information so that you can choose for yourself.
Due: Mar 1
Last Modified: Feb 27 12:32 PM
Complete the second page of the R&J packet, the one that asks questions about Act 3, Scene 2.

Also complete the fill-in the blank pages (Act 3 Guided Notes) for Act 3, Scene 1 and 2.

This is 3 pages in all, but hopefully you were able to complete most of it in class.
Due: Feb 19
Last Modified: Feb 14 2:44 PM
Finish the Romeo and Juliet packet for Act 2. We're going to have the Act 2 test on Tuesday 2/19 (Yes, Tuesday. We have to take another USA test prep exam on Thursday.)
Due: Feb 12
Last Modified: Feb 8 12:49 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Please finish pgs. 1-4 in your Romeo and Juliet packet. For pg. 2, please write 9 captions in your own words that describe the key events of the scene, and then provide an illustration for each scene.
Due: Jan 29
Last Modified: Jan 26 12:58 PM
Romeo & Juliet Act 1 Test on Monday

I recommend going on Sparknotes and reading the summaries and especially the analysis sections for each scene.


The test will provide excerpts from the play and ask you to analyze such things as: characterization, tone, mood, etc -- along with evidence to support your answers.
Due: Jan 21
Last Modified: Jan 16 2:36 PM
Online submissions not permitted.
Extra Credit for Q3: Free Romeo & Juliet performance in Coconut Grove.

To prove your attendance: take a selfie at the location or bring a ticket with your name written on it, of course you don't have to stay for the entire performance but I will ask you to explain a scene you watched as this performance will be unique compared to what we've read/watched.

Event Description:
Experience the passion, romance, and dazzling swordplay of this classic but profoundly relevant and entertaining production of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet; one of the most famous and moving plays ever written. FREE admission for all to the beautiful and uniquely intimate setting on the bay and under the stars of The Barnacle Historic State Park in the heart of Coconut Grove, Florida. You will enjoy this professional production presented in the spirit of Free Shakespeare In The Park by Florida Shakespeare Theater, Inc. - dedicated to free access to professional theater in Florida. Bring your low lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy professional and FREE Shakespeare under the stars. Three nights - Friday, January 18, 8 pm. Saturday, January 19, 8 pm & Sunday, January 20, 6 pm.

Due: Jan 7
Last Modified: 12/26/2018 6:37 PM
Happy Winter Break!

Remember that when we return, we will begin reading Romeo and Juliet. Please make sure you have your copy with you.


Due: 12/9/2018
Last Modified: 12/4/2018 7:54 AM
Online submissions not permitted.
Final drafts of essays are due Sunday night on Turnitin.com

Your submitted essay can and should be different from your draft, that is part of the revision process.

I will not be answering emails after 8 pm until the following day, so please plan accordingly. Essays sent to my email will not be accepted.

For every day late, the essay grade will go down one letter grade.

Please login to turnitin using your account, if you have issues accessing it, you may create a new account using the codes below:

19274219 P.1
19274230 P.2
19274269 P.3
19274272 P.4
19274278 P.5
19274283 P.6
19274287 P.7

The enrollment key/password is Veber (capital V).

Due: 11/15/2018
Last Modified: 11/14/2018 9:41 AM
Don't forget, unit 4 vocab quiz will be next class.

You can find the words on Vocabtest.com


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