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Class Name: Theater 1
Teacher: Claudia Florez
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Due: Apr 18
Last Modified: Apr 17 2:23 PM
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We have finally moved to our classroom!

Tomorrow report to the DANCE ROOM in the B Building!

See you there! :)

Due: Feb 20
Last Modified: Feb 20 7:12 AM
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Today's class will meet on the football field.

PLEASE report there as soon as your period begins.

DO NOT report to the gym as there is ACT Testing going on in there today.

WEDNESDAY - 2/20/19

Due: Jan 24
Last Modified: Jan 22 10:09 AM
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Intro to Method Acting Improv

1. Q&A (15 PTS)
  • Minimum of 15 questions
  • These are the questions you asked to get to know your partner
  • Responses must be filled as well
2. Interview Notes (15 PTS)
  • This is the notes you had when going in depth with your partner. 
  • Should be conversations you had past your questions
  • Where you were able to get to know your partner better
  • Minimum of 15 bullet points
3. Characteristic Notes (15 PTS)
  • Notes on the facial expressions, mannerisms, and gestures you noticed on your partner
  • Also include vocabulary you noticed your partner used
  • Body language notes is also important
4. Report​​​​​​​ (27 PTS)
  • Using your research write a report on your partner
  • 1 pg
  • 12 pt font
  • double spaced
  • minimum 5 paragraphes 
5. Presentation (28 PTS)

Due: 11/14/2018
Last Modified: 11/2/2018 1:09 PM
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Occupation Improv Character Research

1. Name of actor/actress
2. Name of the character
3. Name of the movie or tv show
4. Details and characteristics of the charter you are going to be portraying.

-Make sure you have done your research on the character that you have found that is associated with your occupation. Be sure to watch clips of the actor or actress playing this character. This is made too inspire you and help your improv fo next class.

-Be ready to show me your research and to play the character next class.
Due: 10/22/2018
Last Modified: 10/16/2018 2:53 PM
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Partner Pantomime Activity

With your partner you are to create a 5 minute pantomime activity to present to the class. You are to focus on ONE activity that BOTH partners can act out. You will come up with a synopsis (a short one paragraph description about what your pantomime is about). This will be read before you begin your pantomime, so make sure its a good explanation that sets the tone to what the audience will be watching.

Remember your staging.
Remember to use your facings.
Remember to how important expressions, body languages, and gestures are.

You will be graded based on the rubric attached and on how well your synopsis matches your pantomime.

You must turn in the following:

1 Pantomime Rubric
1 Typed Synopsis

(one per partnership, not one per person)

*Any partnership presenting Thursday will receive extra credit.
Due: 10/18/2018
Last Modified: 10/16/2018 10:28 AM
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Notebook Check THURSDAY 10/18:

I will be checking to see if you have the following for Notebook Check #2:

-Pantomime Vocabulary
-Stage Directions
-Pantomime Reflection (How do you feel your pantomime skills have improved thorough these past few weeks?)

*If you do not have any of these items in your binder and journal I suggest you get any missing information from here to then.

*This notebook check will be worth 3 grades
Due: 9/17/2018
Last Modified: 9/13/2018 3:24 PM
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Pantomime Activity

-Students are to have their pantomimes ready for presentations starting Tuesday 09/11. Make sure that you have your outline in your notebooks to show me when you come up to present.

-Remember that your homework includes rehearsing your pantomime and printing out the "Pantomime Activity - Evaluation" that is included.

-Bring the Evaluation's to class MONDAY!