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Class Name: Period 5 Biology
Teacher: Krystal Cabrera
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Due: May 28 (Tue)
Last Modified: May 24 12:55 PM (2 days ago)

Remember we will be having our Frog Dissections next week. Please print out the following attachment to complete during the lab. Remember this will be worth a project grade, if you do not print this sheet you will not receive credit for the lab.

Due: May 30 (Thu)
Last Modified: May 16 1:05 PM

Attached are the 3 EOC Reviews we've completed in class. I have handed these out in class but some of you have misplaced them and requested I put them online so here they are.

To be clear I expect some type of notes on EACH question, whether its notes I wrote in class, extra details I mentioned in class or your own personal notes (example: definition, drawing, flow chart etc).

REMEMBER THIS WILL BE WORTH YOUR LAST TEST GRADE for the Quarter combined with the EOC Review Quizizz we did in class.