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Class Name: Period 6 Biology
Teacher: Krystal Cabrera
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Due: May 31
Last Modified: May 16 1:05 PM

Attached are the 3 EOC Reviews we've completed in class. I have handed these out in class but some of you have misplaced them and requested I put them online so here they are.

To be clear I expect some type of notes on EACH question, whether its notes I wrote in class, extra details I mentioned in class or your own personal notes (example: definition, drawing, flow chart etc).

REMEMBER THIS WILL BE WORTH YOUR LAST TEST GRADE for the Quarter combined with the EOC Review Quizizz we did in class.

Due: May 31
Last Modified: May 29 9:50 AM

Be sure to bring in your TEXT BOOKS!

Due: May 29
Last Modified: May 24 12:55 PM

Remember we will be having our Frog Dissections next week. Please print out the following attachment to complete during the lab. Remember this will be worth a project grade, if you do not print this sheet you will not receive credit for the lab.

Due: May 20
Last Modified: May 20 3:59 PM

Attached is what we covered today in tutoring.

Due: May 20
Last Modified: May 16 10:35 AM

Today in class I covered key points of Transcription & Translation, it is now your responsibility to COMPLETE any slides not covered in class in your GUIDED NOTES. I will be checking this.

In addition, be sure to complete the final DNA HW assignment handed out in class.

I understand that some of you have Geometry testing Monday, I will check yours Wednesday 5/22.

Those of you testing for Algebra on Wednesday, I will check yours Monday 5/20.

Be sure to be studying for the EOC using the Study Guide I have provided all of you.

Due: May 20
Last Modified: May 19 10:15 AM

Attached are the final 3 lessons I will be reviewing next week in tutoring.

Male & Female Reproductive Systems
The Brain
The Heart

Due: May 17
Last Modified: May 17 3:25 PM

Attached is the lesson we covered today in tutoring.

Due: May 15
Last Modified: May 15 2:25 PM

Attached is what we covered in tutoring today.

Due: May 14
Last Modified: May 14 12:36 PM

Attached is what we covered today in tutoring.

Due: May 14
Last Modified: May 10 10:38 AM
Parents/ Students,

I have provided most of you with an EOC Study Guide & will be offered EOC tutoring:

Tuesday 5/14
Wednesday 5/15
Friday 5/17
Monday 5/20
Tuesday 5/21
Wednesday 5/23.

Two Sessions High School 2:30-3:30pm, Middle School 3:30-4:30pm for those interested.

Due: May 6
Last Modified: May 2 10:19 AM

Remember to complete DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis Homework #1: The Basics of DNA worksheet given in class, this will be collected next class 5/6/19 for a grade.

Due: May 2
Last Modified: May 1 3:19 PM

Your homework is to PRINT the attached GUIDEDE NOTES and fill in slides 1-14. Be sure to review the information in slides 1-14 as you will be asked questions about the contents of those slides in class. Your notes WILL BE CHECKED.

Due: Apr 30
Last Modified: Apr 24 1:12 PM

For your GENETICS TEST on 4/30 be sure you can explain in your own words what the following terms mean:

  • Self-pollination
  • cross pollination
  • F1 Generation
  • F2 Generation
  • P Generation
  • True Breeding
  • Heterozygous
  • Homozygous
  • Allele
  • Gene
  • Genotype
  • Phenotype
  • Law of Dominance
  • Law of Segregation
  • Law of Independent Assortment
  • Dominant 
  • Recessive
  • Trait
  • Incomplete Dominance
  • Codominance
  • Pedigree
  • Dominance Hierachy
The test is NOT a vocabulary test, but understanding these terms will help you better answer the questions.

In addition to studying those terms, make sure you review Monohybrid Cross Punnett Squares & Dihybrid Cross Punnett Squares. 

You can refer to your study guide, your notes, and your text book to help you prepare.

Due: Apr 26
Last Modified: Apr 24 1:19 PM

Remember you have a QUIZ on the notes from Multiple Alleles until the end of the power point Sex-Linked Genes. Review Slides 50-62.

I will be collecting the Sex-Linked problems on this day as well.

Due: Apr 24
Last Modified: Apr 24 12:59 PM

This is the schedule for the remainder of the Genetics Unit:

Wed 4/24 - Sex- Linked Genes + Practice Problems HW
Fri 4/26 - Sex-Linked Genes & Dihybrid Cross Quiz + Study Guide
Tues 4/30 - Genetics Test (51 Multiple Choice Questions)

The Genetics Test power point has been posted for those of you who want to begin studying.

Due: Apr 17
Last Modified: Apr 16 9:54 AM

Remember you will be having a Monohybrid Genetics Problem Quiz (4 Square - Punnett Square) tomorrow 4/17! I will also collect the Dihybrid Genetics problems assignment given.

Due: Apr 9
Last Modified: Apr 5 7:33 AM

Attached is the Anatomy of the Flower that I would like for you to label & color (one color for male parts, another color for female parts)

Due: Apr 5
Last Modified: Apr 4 12:55 PM
For any students that are missing Cell Division Wksht 2
Due: Apr 3
Last Modified: Apr 1 1:57 PM

Today in class we began our 1st EOC Review Packet. I expect these packets to be filled with review notes and drawings as we complete them. In total we will complete 6 packets before the EOC & these packets will receive a TEST GRADE once we are done. So please be sure to write as much as possible each class!

More so, we also completed a short segment of  notes on the board today about Chapter 9. All notes will be checked at the end of the quarter as well so be sure not to miss/lose any.

For next class, PRINT YOUR GUIDED NOTES, as we will be filling them in next class.

Due: Mar 19
Last Modified: Mar 15 2:29 PM

In class today we completed our notes on Meiosis. Be sure to complete your guided notes so that you can see more images about Meiosis. Complete the entire guided notes packet

We began working on our Mitosis/Meiosis Flipbook project. Remember to draw each phase, label the structures in each phase and describe what is occurring in each phase. Be detailed.

You were also given a Mitosis vs. Meiosis Worksheet for homework.

This will all be checked/collected on 3/19/19. REMEMBER YOU HAVE A MEIOSIS QUIZ NEXT CLASS.

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