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Homework Due
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Class Name: 6th U.S. History
Teacher: Alejandra Novo
Location: 118C
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Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: Sep 18 8:50 AM (5 days ago)
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Print out Unit 2 Notes and bring to class.

Due: Oct 1
Last Modified: Sep 12 9:48 AM
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Edgenuity 2.1 The Civil War

Log into Edgenuity (Instructions are attached) and complete the 2.1 Module: The Civil War. You MUST complete all sections, assignments, and quiz to earn full credit. It is due by 12am.

This will be worth a project grade.


Due: Oct 3
Last Modified: Sep 20 8:47 AM (3 days ago)
Chapter 4 Quiz (From Unit 2)