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Homework Due
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Class Name: 6th U.S. History
Teacher: Alejandra Novo
Location: 118C
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Due: Today
Last Modified: Jan 24 10:08 AM
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Chapter 14 Quiz
Due: Feb 27
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Unit 6 Test
Due: Mar 2
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7.6 Key Figures and Organizations of Civil Rights

**Double Session worth a Project grade**

Due: Mar 2
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Extra Credit Assignment:

Download the worksheet and visit the website isidewith.com

Fill out the form when you are done with the quiz.

Due: Mar 16
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Edgenuity 7.8 Key Supreme Court Decisions

**Double session worth a Project grade**

Due: Apr 6
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Edgenuity 7.11 U.S. Foreign Policy

**Double Session worth a Quiz grade**

Due: Apr 9
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Profiles in Political Courage

* Guidelines:

Elected officials have always been called upon to make critically important decisions, ones that can determine the fate of their towns, cities, states and nations. With the next election in the not-so-distant future, the NHC and The HBE Foundation are pleased to present the 7th annual �Lessons of Leadership� contest, with a focus on political courage.

We invite middle and high school students from any school in the United States to select an elected official and describe how that person risked his or her career by making a decision (passing a law, making a speech, advocating for change, running for office, etc.) that was at odds with public opinion. Using descriptive examples of the risks, consequences and rewards associated with his/her act of political courage, we seek to be inspired by the vision and boldness of these leaders. We strongly encourage students to think broadly about this topic, and figures can be ancient or modern, domestic (local, state, national) or foreign. Acts of political courage can range from a representative from one�s town or city to a world leader. Contest entries can be submitted in one of the three following formats:

* An essay of no less than 500 words and not more than 2,000 words, supplemented with a bibliography and endnotes. Entries may be submitted in either of the following forms: 1) Microsoft Word document or 2) PDF document.

* A documentary or PowerPoint presentation that reflects your ability to communicate your figure�s importance, and also helps you develop skills in using photographs, video, graphic presentations, etc. Documentaries should not exceed more than 10 minutes, and sources used should be credited through a bibliography.

* A website that reflects your ability to use website design software and computer technology to communicate how your historical figure influenced history. Your website should include a collection of web pages, interconnected with hyperlinks, that presents primary and secondary sources and interactive multimedia. Sources used should be credited through a bibliography.

All entries must be received by April 10, 2020 and can be emailed to Bob Nasson at rnasson@nationalhistoryclub.org (please type �Lessons of Leadership� in the subject line). Submissions will be judged by the NHC Advisory Board and winners will be announced at the end of April.

First Place - $1,500 (one prize)
Second Place - $750 (two prizes)
Third Place - $500 (four prizes)

Due: Apr 20
Last Modified: 12/12/2019 2:10 PM
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Edgenuity 7.12 Concerns of the 21st Century

**Double Session worth a Quiz grade**

--Last Edgenuity of the year--

Due: May 1
Last Modified: 8:26 AM
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These programs, known as Ashbrook Academies, provide students with the same conversational approach to primary sources in history and politics that you have come to expect from TAH. The academies are held during two separate weeks this summer. From June 14-20, we will hold two academies concurrently. �Telling America�s Story� is a broad overview of our nation�s understanding of freedom and equality from the Declaration of Independence in the Founding Era to the Gettysburg Address and the Civil War and coming to a conclusion with MLK�s �I Have a Dream� speech and the Civil Rights Era. During that same week we will also conduct a deep study of the Civil War in �Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.�

Later in the summer we will hold a third academy, �Commerce and Self-Government in the Founding Era,� that helps students see the connections between the economic system that America adopted during the Founding Era and the political system established by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This academy will be held from July 20-24.


Please share this educational opportunity with your students. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the director of the academies Ben Kunkel at 419-289-5431 or bkunkel@ashbrook.org. We have informational brochures that we would be happy to send to you upon request. The application deadline for the June academies is May 1, and June 1 for the July academy.