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Homework Due
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Class Name: U.S. History
Teacher: M. Lumbreras
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Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: Mar 20 3:32 PM
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Please submit this as a homework assignment via the homework page. I am going to give you a participation grade for submitting this.

Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: Mar 19 2:48 PM
All required assignments (I will tell you what assignment you will turn in) will be be submitted through my homework page. I will click the "allow students to submit homework digitally" option. If your account is not verified, please read below:

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Due: Tomorrow
Last Modified: Mar 19 11:14 AM
Directions- Read the attachment and write these questions down on page 121 (notebook) and respond in a complete sentence.

1. What was the purpose of Stephen Douglas' speech recorded in The Congressional Globe?

2. What position does Stephen Douglas take on the issue of slavery? Remember the concept of  popular sovereignty 

3. How does Douglas support his position? 

The reading is attached. Please don't feel obligated to print out it. You can simply read it online. 

Stay well! 

Due: Jun 2
Last Modified: Feb 28 1:14 PM
Please make sure you bring your required materials to class

• Copy paper (at least 10 sheets must be in the pockets at all times)
• Black, blue and red pens
• Pocket size Webster dictionary
• Highlighters (any color)
• Loose-leaf paper
• Sharpened Colored Pencils
• Glue Sticks
• 1 small blunt tip Scissor