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Homework Due
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Class Name: U.S. History
Teacher: M. Lumbreras
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Due: Today
Last Modified: Sep 16 9:01 AM (7 days ago)
Study for Thirteen Colonies Map Quiz  (notebook page 22)

Due: Today
Last Modified: Sep 18 3:26 PM (5 days ago)
Bring the necessary materials to complete the 13 Colonies Project 

one poster per group 
a ruler 
glue stick 
a pair of scissors 

foam letters for your poster

Remember you will have to finish the project in class. Please print and bring the rubric 

Due: Oct 4
Last Modified: Sep 20 11:05 AM (3 days ago)
Use the following quizlet to review for Chapter 3 vocabulary


You will have a test with some of these terms on the above date