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Class Name: Period 8-U.S. History
Teacher: M. Lumbreras
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Due: Apr 2 (3 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 31 9:56 PM (5 days ago)
Study notes on Ch. 16 (Lessons 1-3). You will a quiz based on the notes on the above date.

Due: Mar 31 (5 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 20 3:32 PM
Please sign the new Zoom Code of Student Conduct. Only return the last page with the required signatures.

Please submit this as a homework assignment via the homework page. I am going to give you a participation grade for submitting this.

Due: Mar 31 (5 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 31 8:21 AM (5 days ago)
We will complete the attachment during class on the above date. DO NOT COMPLETE BEFORE CLASS.

Due: Mar 31 (5 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 20 3:42 PM
Please read the excerpts and complete the chart. (see attached)

Include the document # and textual evidence for each question on the chart.

You may copy the chart or print out. Please submit chart via the homework page on the above date.

Due: Mar 30 (6 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 20 3:20 PM
Please read these instructions carefully several times. These are instructions for those who don't know how to set up an account on the school website and send the verification code

1.Go to www.doralacademyprep.org
2.Click on Login (upper right corner)
3.Click on Create Account
3.Fill out personal information (Make sure you write your first and last name). Please don't use your parent's name and type in an email . Also, make sure you remember your password.
4.Click on Account
5.After you will receive an email with the verification code. Copy and paste that code and email me the code along with your name and period #.

Remember I called your name if you didn't have a verification code during class today. If you already have an account set up please login (upper right corner of the school's website) and there is a verification code in a yellow box.

Due: Mar 30 (6 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 19 11:14 AM
Directions- Read the attachment and write these questions down on page 121 (notebook) and respond in a complete sentence.

1. What was the purpose of Stephen Douglas' speech recorded in The Congressional Globe?

2. What position does Stephen Douglas take on the issue of slavery? Remember the concept of  popular sovereignty 

3. How does Douglas support his position? 

The reading is attached. Please don't feel obligated to print out it. You can simply read it online. 

Stay well! 

Due: Mar 20
Last Modified: Mar 19 2:48 PM
All required assignments (I will tell you what assignment you will turn in) will be be submitted through my homework page. I will click the "allow students to submit homework digitally" option. If your account is not verified, please read below:

Student account verification is required for security purposes. It ensures that the created account indeed belongs to your students. When your students create an account, they will receive an email with their verification code. Please enter this verification code below to verify their accounts.

I will need you to send me the verification code. Please do this at your earliest convenience.

Due: Mar 12
Last Modified: Mar 9 3:28 PM
Bring bathroom pass on the above date (don't forget!) 
Due: Mar 12
Last Modified: Mar 10 11:46 AM
Quarter 3 Test will be on the above 

Quarter 3 Study Guide is due on the same day 

Due: Mar 10
Last Modified: Mar 8 6:12 PM
Complete questions 1-8 for homework. Must be handwritten.

Study Guide for Quarter 3

1. Review how the Industrial Revolution began in America and its effect on the way people worked.
2. Review some of the major inventions created during the Industrial Revolution.
3. Review the Missouri Compromise.
4. Review the term Sectionalism.
5. Know about Andrew Jackson?s presidency and some of the controversial decisions he made
throughout his presidency.
I. Spoils System
II. Nullification Crisis
III. Indian Removal Act
IV. War on the Bank
6. Know about the 5 tribes affected by the Indian Removal Act.
7. Review the way the voting system changed in the 1800s.
8. Know about the Panic of 1837.
Due: Mar 10
Last Modified: Mar 6 10:45 AM
Notebook Check # 3 will be on the above date 

Notebook pages 79-118 should be attached and completed 

Due: Mar 10
Last Modified: Mar 6 1:15 PM
Print Quarter 3 Study Guide (see attached) 

Complete 1-8 for homework. Answers must be handwritten and done on a separate sheet of paper.  I will give you some time to finish it during class. 

Due: Mar 6
Last Modified: Feb 28 12:56 PM
Take your Child to Work Day field trip forms are due to the Activities Office.

Due: Mar 6
Last Modified: Mar 4 2:16 PM
Complete Final Draft of "I AM" Poem 

You can type it or hand write it on a white piece of paper 
Make sure you start each line in bold or a different color 
Make sure you underline the four quotes from the textbook and include the page number in a parenthesis  
You can decorate it 

Due: Mar 6
Last Modified: Mar 3 11:08 AM
Quiz # 7 (based on Chapter 15) will be on the above date

Use notebook pages 117-118 and your flip book to prepare

Due: Feb 27
Last Modified: Feb 25 2:11 PM
Test # 7 will be on the above date 

Your study guide (Ch. 13)  should be done 

Due: Feb 26
Last Modified: Feb 25 2:12 PM
Period 8 only 

Complete study guides questions 1-12 on page 112 of your notebook 

Due: Feb 25
Last Modified: Feb 21 2:05 PM
Print and bring study guide for Test #7 (Ch. 13) on the above date 

Due: Feb 19
Last Modified: Feb 14 3:31 PM
Study the first eleven presidents. You must know the order and their first and last names
(Quiz # 6) 

Spelling will count.

Due: Feb 14
Last Modified: Feb 10 1:56 PM
Jackson Essay Instructions are attached.

Your essay can be handwritten but must be done neatly 

Please print and bring rubric and attach it to your final and rough draft 

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