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Class Name: World History Advanced
Teacher: Jacquelyn Garcia
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Due: Apr 8 (Wed)
Last Modified: Apr 3 11:01 AM (2 days ago)
Assessment on Rome Powerpoint and chapter 11 sect 4 

Due: Apr 3 (2 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 13 11:33 AM
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Due: Mar 31 (5 days ago)
Last Modified: Mar 19 6:51 PM
PPT for Rome

Due: Mar 20
Last Modified: Mar 18 8:29 AM
Sign in to Google classroom using this code


Due: Mar 18
Last Modified: Mar 18 8:20 AM
You should be entering my classroom at classtime. Please use the link either on the home page or on my school web page. 
Due: Mar 16
Last Modified: Mar 13 7:53 AM
Complete asap


Due: Mar 16
Last Modified: Mar 13 7:59 AM
Complete ASAP

Due: Mar 12
Last Modified: Mar 6 10:08 AM
3rd Quarter Exam - STUDY
Due: Mar 10
Last Modified: Mar 6 10:07 AM
Study guide due for chapters on Quarterly Exam
Due: Mar 10
Last Modified: Mar 4 8:38 AM
Extra Credit opportunity

Attend TedEx  This Friday @ 6pm (tickets are $6 in advance or $8 at the door)
Complete attached form on one of the talks. Bring it completed ALONG with your ticket from TedEX

You will recieve an Extra Credit Essay grade 

Due: Mar 2
Last Modified: Feb 28 1:26 PM
quiz on ch 11 sec 1

It will not be open notes 

Due: Feb 25
Last Modified: Feb 19 10:05 AM
Create a study guide due on test day

Must be based on CH 10 and PPT which is attached 

Include: Dynasties, Philosophies, Inventions, and life in Ancient China

Due: Feb 21
Last Modified: Feb 19 10:05 AM
current events will be shared and graded.
Due: Feb 4
Last Modified: Jan 31 10:10 AM
open notes quiz on chapter 10 sec 1 notes 
Due: Jan 30
Last Modified: Jan 29 10:02 PM
Quiz canceled for tomorrow based on the 2nd ppoint It will be on Monday over the weekend study ppoint 3 as well.
Due: Jan 27
Last Modified: Jan 21 2:26 PM
quiz on chapter 8 section 1 
Due: Jan 23
Last Modified: Jan 21 2:25 PM
current event due
Due: Jan 23
Last Modified: Jan 21 8:39 AM
attached is the information needed for the Greek god project

Due: Jan 14
Last Modified: Jan 10 11:05 PM
Attached is a study guide to help you prepare for the quarterly exam next week. Study this document along with reviewing notes from chapter 7 - Sparta v Athens, Pericles, Perian war, peloponnesian war

Due: Jan 14
Last Modified: Jan 8 10:17 AM
Quarterly exam is not Thursday 1/9 and Friday 1/10 It will be Monday 1/13 and Tuesday 1/14 based on what day you have class. 

Chapter 10 will not be on quarter exam

Review session in class tomorrow Thursday 1/9 or Friday 1/10.

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