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Homework Due
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Class Name: World History Advanced
Teacher: Jacquelyn Garcia
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Due: Today
Last Modified: Sep 17 9:48 AM (6 days ago)
current event due

Due: Today
Last Modified: Sep 17 9:49 AM (6 days ago)
Test on Chapter 3 

Due: Sep 25 (Wed)
Last Modified: Sep 11 9:56 AM
Extra Credit Essay Contest!!!!

You are invited to participate in a Hispanic Heritage Essay Contest

It will be discussed in class.

Your Essay is DUE to Ms Garcia by September 25

Attached is the rules for the contest please remember your topic is the 6-8 grade topic:

Research a Hispanic individual or group dedicated to helping others and explain to your reader why this individual or group is important to society and how the individual or group influences you. 

Also remember it is 3-5 pages long not including the cover page and needs to be typed with a font size of 12

Due: Sep 27 (Fri)
Last Modified: Sep 19 8:38 AM (4 days ago)
Sumerian God/Goddess Project

PPT or Google slides on god including information on 


City state that worships / How worshiped

Power/Importance (god of what)



must include a cover slide and pictures and should be a minimum of 4 slides

Due: Sep 27 (Fri)
Last Modified: Sep 19 8:40 AM (4 days ago)
Read Julius Caesar through chapter 1 (page 23)