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News and Announcements

Doral's Programming Team competed in the 33rd UCF High School Programming Contest in Orlando. 116 Teams from Florida and Texas competed.

We had 4 teams place in the top 20 and our Middle School team came in 44th competing against High School teams. We are State Champs!

​​​​​​​2nd Place Team “The Lads”

Pedro Contipelli 12

Tomas Alvarez 12

Anirudh Rahul 11


17th Place “The Checkmates”

Diana Bishop 10

Manny Rodriguez 10

Sebastian Cavallin 10


18th Place “Los Jefes”

Gabriel Gonzalez 12

Brandon Diaz 12

Evan Partidas 10


20th Place “The Freshies”

Alberto Alvarez 9

Robert Conde 9

Daniel Rodriguez-Florido 9


44th Place The Crazy 8’s

Lucas Rodriguez 8

Kevin Rodriguez 8

Razzi Masroor 7