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6th Grade Health Screening

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Screenings will begin in November.



Dear Parents/Guardians:
In accordance with Florida Statute 381.0056, Doral Academy Preparatory School in cooperation with the Florida State Health Department will conduct health screening activities for selected student groups during the school year. The screenings will include: Height and Weight, which will include Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation, Vision Screening, Hearing Screenings, and Scoliosis Screenings for grade 6. You will be informed, in writing, if your child fails to meet any of the screening standards. You are encouraged to seek further professional assistance. If you DO NOT want your child to participate in school health screenings PLEASE NOTIFY THE SCHOOL in writing and include your child’s name and grade.

If you DO NOT wish for your child to participate please check which screening/s and return the bottom portion of this form to your to the school within the next 7 days. *BMI determines whether a student is within normal growth pattern.
~Not a mandated screening STUDENT HEALTH SCREENING OPT-OUT To be filled out by parent/guardian and returned to Athletic Trainer~
Student’s Name:_________________________ DOB:_____________ School:___________________________ Grade:_______ I do not wish to have my child participate in the following mandated screenings: Vision _____ Hearing _____ Ht/Wt/BMI _____ Scoliosis _____ Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________ Date ____________