Scholars Program / Dual Enrollment
The Scholars Program is designed to offer highly motivated and diligent students at Doral Academy the opportunity to graduate with their High School Diploma and an Associate of Arts degree from Miami Dade College (MDC). Students earn the AA degree by taking a combination of Advanced Placement courses and Dual Enrollment courses at MDC throughout their sophomore, junior and senior years in high school.
Interested 9th-grade students may qualify for the program by having a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 and by passing the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation (college placement exam). Scholars will be identified in their freshman year so they can take the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation college placement exam and start dual enrollment classes the summer after their freshman year. Once in the Scholars Program, students are committed to taking two MDC dual enrollment classes every college semester, including summer B semesters. Doral Academy will arrange transportation to MDC for sophomores and juniors.  Seniors are responsible for providing their own transportation to any MDC campus. A Scholars’ schedule will consist of five periods of high school courses and two periods of MDC dual enrollment courses. Scholars are encouraged to earn A’s and B’s in all college courses in order to improve their success with college admission
Taking college courses while in high school will:
• Increase student's College Readiness
• Allow students to begin their College Degree earlier
• Increase student's Grade Point Average
• Save money towards a College Degree
Please note, students who earn a "C" or lower in any one dual enrollment, will not be allowed to continue participating in the Scholars Program. 
*Dual Enrollment grades become part of a high school student's official transcript and MDC transcript. (These official transcripts are included in college applications.)