Mr. Brian Armas
Mr. Armas graduated with a BA in History and Religious Studies from Florida International University with a focus on Abrahamic religion and Middle-Eastern history. He additionally spent a semester abroad in the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) where he took Arabic language and Islamic Studies courses.

Mr. Armas utilizes heterodox teaching methods, emphasizing critical analyses of political-economy and the relationship between social class and power in the study of history and society in his lectures.

"Critically reflective teachers know that curricula do not just happen. They exist because particular people in a particular place at a particular time believed that someone else should know about something. Curricula have not simply come into being through divine intervention or the whims of fate. Instead, they have arisen out of conflicts of interests in which the wishes of certain individ­uals and groups have prevailed. Somehow, somewhere, at some time, and for some reason, someone's preferences have held sway. What are these preferences and interests? Whom do they serve? How have they become dominant? These are the questions that any critically alert teacher raises habitually."