Mrs. Zulyn Hernandez Moya
Who is Mrs. Zulyn Hernandez-Moya???????????????
By Ligia Rosales Student Class of 2008
She's the Doral Academy Web Design/Computers teacher. But if you happen to be her student, you know that there's much more to Zulyn Hernandez-Moya than just powerpoint presentations and html tags. She's a mother, a wife, a teacher, but most importantly she's a mentor, a friend, and probably one of the nicest people any of her students will meet. She was born and raised in Cuba, where she studied Cibernética Matemática and graduated as an Instrumental Guitar Teacher. She taught instrumental guitar for three years before moving to the United States in 1992. Here, she graduated from Florida International University in 2000 with a major in Computer Science. She has now been teaching for sixteen years at Doral Academy, and has loved every minute of them.

Important Information:

  • Contact E-mail: zhernandez@doralacademyprep.org​​​​​​​
  • For Assignments please use Google Drive 

My account is: doralalprep@gmail.com
I will share a folder with you where you will find all necessary documents for my class.  We will set your account together the first week of school. You will create a folder that you will share with me where you will keep all your assignments correctly saved.  It will be your responsibility to keep your folder updated and files with the correct name. You will also keep copy of your folder with all assignments in your own memory (USB, Flash Drive, External Memory).

Your folder name will be:  Your Period Last Name, First Name (Use Capital Letters)
                                          For example, P1 Hernandez, Maria


Click the link to access and submit the Parent/Student 2018-2019 Contract​​​​​​​ to agree with Mrs. Hernandez Syllabus, and the Parent Permission for PG/PG-13 Movies.