Profesora Lucy Hermida


Mrs. Hermida completed a degree in Math and Science Education at Santiago de Compostela University, Spain. She later traveled to the United States where she obtained a Bachelor degree in Science of Elementary Education at Florida International University.  In 2003, she acquired a certification to teach Spanish for the following grade levels: Kindergarten to twelfth grade. She also received the following training within the educational field, these trainings include: ESOL, ESE Endorsement, CRISS training, Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture, and Advanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture. She recently completed a Master’s degree in Modern Languages at Florida International University. 

Her experience in educating students of many grade levels, needs and abilities extends over fifteen years.  Her motivation, dedication, and creativity have prepared students to accomplish high academic scores in the AP College Exams.  In addition, she is the club sponsor for the National Spanish Honor Society. 

Ms. Hermida has a passion for knowledge; she is ambitious in her program of studies. She is always driven to advance her education, and knowledge for the world. This passion she passes to all who cross her path, especially, her students. Her ultimate goal is to share her motivation for reading, writing, and learning about different cultures around the Hispanic world so that her students can enjoy the various aspects of the Spanish language. ​​​​​​​

Once again we welcome another successful school year!

"Quien anda mucho y lee mucho, ve mucho y sabe mucho."

~ Don Quijote de la Mancha