Mr. Alexander Bichel
Mr. Bichel is going into his Twelfth year of teaching at Doral Academy. Prior to teaching at Doral he worked in Miami-Dade County Public Schools for eight years as a teacher. He has his BA in Political Science and his his MPA in Local/State Government Management. He lists his family as the other major impact on his career. He says" Being a teacher has made be a better parent and being a parent has made me a better teacher!"
Mr. Bichel believes his pedagogical philosophy is perfectly aligned with the Vision and Mission of Doral Academy: Rigor, efficacy, safety and nurturing. He was quoted saying to students "It is the same recipe I follow with my own children" He stands by the "school's recipe for success". He has seen it work flawlessly in the lives of literally thousands of Doral Academy Preparatory graduates.