Ms. B. Margolles
To my student's Parents or Guardians,

The Basics:

Please read my syllabus and make sure you are aware of the Excused Attendance Policy and the use of the REMIND Application used to notify students of any updates to my class.

Home Learning:

Home learning is always a part of the student's week. This will include reading the current chapter, problems assigned from that chapter, and On-Line homework as assigned. If a student says, "I have no homework from Ms. Margolles" during a normal school week, they are mistaken.  

Additional Learning Resources/Help:

Every topic I will cover during the year is discussed in multiple forms somewhere on the internet. I have included a page of links where they may go to search for videos and enhance their understanding on the topic I am covering. 

I will also be sending all Homework reminders via REMIND APP. (information on how to join is located in the HW portion of this site and was also sent home the first day of class). BOTH parent/guardian and student are recommended to join.

Parent - Teacher Conference:

If you believe a parent teacher conference may be required, please send me an email with your concerns and a phone number and time for me to contact you. I will call you within 1 to 2 days. If a phone conversation cannot resolve an issue, please call the middle school office to schedule a conference.

My available times to CALL: 6:50am - 7:15am or 2:30pm - 3:30pm
My available times to MEET for a PARENT CONFERENCE: 6:50am - 7:15am

My email address is: bmargolles@doralacademyprep.org