Performing Arts
2017-2018 Achievements

Latino Art Beat National Winner
Congratulations to the following students: Alumni, Ariana Bendana is the Latino Art Beat National Winner for 2017. Ariana is currently attending MICA in Baltimore,Maryland.

Current Doral students, Maria Aliaga, Senior, places 2nd with the Latino Art Beat competition along with Honorable Mentions Camilo Cortes and Karina Serrano.

Small Works
Washington Gonzalez
Annabelle Ambrojian
Sofia Oliviedo
Jonathan Hidalgo
Laura Barrios

Victoria Cubillan
Isabella Gomez
Giulianna Gonzalez

Firebird Singers performed at the Florida International University Choral Festival
Firebird Singers Receive Straight Superior at District - FVA
Firebird Singers Win Coral Gables Caroling Competition - Grand Prize
Firebird Singers Receive Superior at State - FVA
Firebird Singers and Orchestra perform at Disney Performing Arts
Firebird Singers and Orchestra perform at the New World Center

TV Production
Jewel Berrios, Gabriella Gonzalez, Monica Matute and Alexander Puga for winning Best Comedy at the AAHSFF!

2016-2017 Achievements


" Very happy to say that the FIREBIRD SINGERS – Concert Chorus and

Each Year Choirs that receive SUPERIOR at District are invited

to Participate at STATE – where all the best choirs from across the State Sing
and are Evaluated by University Professors from across the nation.  This
year we had professors from – Kentucky, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. 
The Judges listen to the choirs independently and give a rating of Superior,
Excellent, Good, Fair.  It is very difficult to receive a consensus of all
three awarding a SUPERIOR – Our Two Choirs received all SUPERIORS from all the
Judges and a commendation from one. 

So Happy that the hard work and dedication put forth by all really paid off – I want to thank you as faculty/administrators/ and friends that made this possible in some way or another. If we love what we do and we have the support of each other – we can make MAGIC HAPPEN.


CULTURES.  It’s good to be in a place where that is understood."

- Dr. Yanes

Follow us on the school’s FACEBOOK page. J

Happy to announce that the FIREBIRD SINGERS – Women and Mixed choirs will be going to STATE – they received Straight Superiors at DISRICT.

To explain the process –over 50 Choirs from the district congregate for two days of competition/evaluation at a sponsoring High School – they are adjudicated by three independent judges on two prepared concert pieces and a fourth for sight-singing (Reading music we have never seen before with just two minutes to review the score) and being judged on how perfect we can sing it.

All judges gave us Superiors on all the elements – We will be going to STATE COMPETITION.

Happy to announce that the FIREBIRD SINGERS were accepted through audition and will be singing at Carnegie Hall as part of the National Youth Choir.

March 26, 2017 8pm Concert at Carnegie Hall- NYC.--- only 10 Choirs were accepted from those that applied nationwide. It was a very selective process.

Please congratulate those students that are attending. Very happy about this “one in a lifetime” opportunity for our students. Carnegie Hall is one of the most acoustically sound halls in the nation and of world repute – most of the most famous composers and artists have performed there since the 19th century.

Looking forward to this wonderful event


A message from Mr. Ercilla:

The 2016-2017 school year has seen another expansion of the Firebird Band program by beginning our Marching Arts journey in the competitive indoor marching circuit through FFCC. Like all things that begin for the first time, the program generally goes through a building a learning year for some time to establish a tradition of excellence. Our first sign that this was going to be a special year was when we won our first competition at the FFCC premier held in January. Shortly after the successes continued for three other competitions for which we also won first place in our classification in the south east regionals. In our first year, the kids earned their first seeding for FFCC State Championships as a result of their success! 

So after 143 hours of weekly rehearsals this season, five Saturday day long practices, 4 competitions, countless days of prop building and music planning, and one State Championship: our students took home the Silver Medal (2nd place) in the state! I would like to point out that we missed  taking first place by two points! We were so extremely close...but someone has to win. I am very proud of their achievements and everything they've accomplished in their first year of establishment in this competitive marching entity. 

I would like to take a moment to thank some people for making all this happen: Mr. Ferralls and the administration for providing the support needed to get this entity off the ground. To my amazing staff of instructors Jacques Bernard, Andres Casariego, Guillermo Ramirez, and Ciro Ferreyra: you guys are the ones that make this look easy! A special thank you to the parents who without question do whatever it is that is needed to ensure everything was in place. And to my hard working students who stuck through this to the end! Hard work will always pay off, and I am certain they will see many more successes to come! 

I simply can't tell you enough how proud I am of all the kids. They have achieved something that they weren't supposed to do just yet and we certainly have the attention of many well respected adjudicators and programs from around the state. Next year we will be setting our sights towards something even bigger and take our Indoor Marching program to WGI and compete at the World Championships in Ohio this time next year!

Please take a moment to congratulate the following students on their extraordinary accomplishment:

Natalie Herrera, Maria Prada, Billy Yeung, Alexander Reyes, Samuel Paris, Sean Marcelin, Gilbert Feliciano, Jose Delatorre, Pedro Rodriguez, Lucas Rodriguez, Gonzalo Gomez-Silva, Zachary Mardini, Reina Suarez, Ellise Zaidenstat, Humberto Hibirma, Christian Perez, Juan Figueroa, Marcos Rodriguez, Mathew Proano, Samuel Guzman, Daniel Robleda, Sabrina Cabrera, Katrina Amaro, Oriana Sanchez, Jorge Santana, Jonathan Caseiro. 

Just wanted to share some truly exciting news this morning! Our Firebird Indoor Marching Winds ensemble completed their second round of the FFCC competition yesterday at Seminole Ridge HS in Loxahatchee Florida. I am proud to inform you that our kids have achieved first place standing in the Scholastic A decision in both its Preliminary and Finals round in the competition! Consequently, our students now qualified to participate in FFCC State Championships to be held in Daytona Beach April 1!!

What started as a "trial" year for our first year Indoor Marching Winds group to learn the ins and outs of the indoor marching world has turned out to be a year of contention to go to State Championships and possibly WIN IT ALL! This is truly unprecedented and amazing all at the same time!


Latino Art Beat Miami Winner: Roberto Gatica


2017 Scholastics Art & Writing Winners:
Ariana Bendana - Portfolio Finalist & Silver Key
Haniel Rosello- Gold Key & Silver Key
Annabelle Ambrogi - Honorable Mention

Latino Art Beat Miami Honorable Mention: Ariana Bendana & Tamara Roa

Please help me in congratulating Ariana Bendana on being awarded this scholarship. She is truly deserving of this and more.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that
you have been awarded a 2017 Isaiah Fund Scholarship from the Fund 4 Design & Art Education.

After a very difficult assessment, 20 students were selected on the basis of their artwork, writing, and teacher recommendation to receive the Isaiah Scholarship.

You are expected to participate in the Art Awards and Silent Auction at the Alper JCC on Sunday, May 21st.
Additionally, 15 students will receive an invitation to show their work at our Sunday Salon, February, 26 at a private home in Coral Gables.
Once again, congratulations on winning this scholarship. Best wishes for making your artistic dreams come true!


2017 Scholastics Art & Writing Winners:
Evelyn Trujillo - Gold Key
Zoolens Competition 9 of our students were chosen as finalist in the annual Zoolens competition this year. Out of 330 middle school students in Dade County we had 44 students that participated in the competition. Only 30 students are chosen as finalist.

Our finalist are:
Angelyn Castillo - Nature at its finest
Sheily Gonzalez - Daydreaming
Sneha Murughyan - Personal Space
Camila Celaya - Wish Upon a Star
Gabriela Nodarse - Take a Peck of Me
Anthony Vieites-Death Stare
Rebecca Lagares-Tender Love
Jason Fernandini- Crazy Eights
Chase Bonet -Wind Beneath my Wings


Last week the Performing Arts theater students participated in the Florida State Thespian Theater festival in Tampa. This is a huge festival, with this year’s attendance at approx. 9,000 students!!!!!! Below are our results:

Superior Rating (1st Place)
·Joaquin Cabana – Monologues
·Tiffany Jou – Solo Musical Theater
·Javiera Zapata – Monologues*


Excellent Rating (2nd place)
·Alexis Phelps & Adrian Corzo – Duet Musical Theater
·Emma Hernando & Annette Rodriguez – Duet Musical Theater
*Javiera Zapata also received a Critique’s Choice for her monologue. This means that she was selected as the best monologue seen by the judges that day during the festival. This is an extreme honor! Only about 9 students out of 9,000 received this during the festival!!!!! This is only our 2nd year attending the state competition and this already our 2nd critiques choice. Schools such as New World and Coral Reef didn’t receive any critique choices this year. GO DORAL!!!!

2015-2016 ---- ACHIEVEMENTS


Music Program Awarded Music Merit Award
April 12, 2016

We are happy to announce that the school’s Combined Music Program has been awarded 2016 SUPPORT MUSIC MERIT AWARD from the National Association of Music Merchants.

Our school was selected based on the music students to teacher ratio and ratio of students involved in the FBA, FVA , FOA – Activities participated such as concerts and events and finally the overall ranking of the school as Superiors vs Excellent in such events – in comparing with other school Nationally.

We are the only high school in the region and only two in the state – 118 schools awarded nationally.





March 28, 2016Very excited to announce that the FIREBIRD SINGER COMBINED WOMEN'S CHORUS WILL BE GOING TO STATE - Receiving straight Superior ranking from all four judges - The Mixed group received Excellent and Superior in Sight reading - where they read - two selections at four voices that they have not sang before-


FSPA Contest Winners

Please congratulate the following students who will be receiving awards for their photos:

All-Florida-Best of the Best
Genevieve Clements- Personality Portrait
Karen Viera- Personality Portrait
Adriana Franchi- Special Effects Photo

Karla Viera-Specail Effects Photo
Annabella Gomez- Special Effects Photo
Carolina Meilan- Nature Photo
Jade Fernandez- Tom Pierce Photo Portfolio

Honorable Mention
Marcos Guzman-Sport Action Photo
Isabel Ordaz-Sport Reaction Photo
Cheyla Fonseca- Personality Portrait


Just wanted to share some successes that the Firebird Players had over Spring Break at the Florida State Theater Festival. The students competed in various categories, including performing our One Act play Eurydice, and were awarded the following recognitions:

Critiques Choice Winners (Highest Award at Festival):

Chantal Fonticoba & Gina Fonseca – Duet Acting

Superior Ratings (Equivalent to 1st place):

Chantal Fonticoba & Gina Fonseca- Duet Acting

Emma Hernando & Amanda Rojas- Duet Acting

Alexis Phelps & Victoria Diaz de Villegas- Duet Musical Theater

Gina Fonseca- Monologues

Chantal Fonticoba, Joaquin Cabana, Giancarlo Herrera, Nico Alonso, Tiffany Jou, Elizabeth Guerra, Alexis Phelps, Nicole Zamorano, Victoria Diaz de Villegas, Javiera Zapata, Juliette Richart, Gian Arellano, Gina Fonseca, Ben Meneses, Miguel Cala, David Espinal, Annette Rodriguez, Amanda F. Acosta, Lauren Dominguez, Emma Hernando, Angely Rincon, Amanda Rojas- Eurydice (One Act Play)

Excellent Ratings (Equivalent to 2nd place):

Angely Rincon & Lauren Dominguez- Duet Acting

Annette Rodriguez- Solo Musical Theater


FBTV Win 6 National Awards at the Student Television Network Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

March 16, 2016We are very proud to announce that our Firebird TV students did an amazing job after receiving 6 National Awards at the Student Television Network Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. They competed against over 200 schools and thousands of students across the country. It was several days of hard work and hardly any sleep; but in the end it was all worth it!

* We won 2nd place in the nation during our Crazy 8 competition where our students had to create an 8 minute documentary in under 8 hours based on the topic "True Southerner"

* Our very own President Kevin Arteaga won First in the nation for Action Sports editing

* Gabriela Sotomayor, Gabby Gonzalez and Jaqueline Cruz received honorable mention for Commentary based on the topic "Who should be our President"

* Kaylee Perez, Arianna Baquerizo and Jasmyn Diaz receieved honorable mention for their performance in Anchor Team

* Ruth Willis & Tanvi Hathiramani received honorable mention for their Weather piece.

* Also, twins Katherine and Kimberly Dejesus won a first place Film Excellence award for their documentary on the Arts which they submitted in December



Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Amarys Huggins-1st Place, Ruth Willis 1st Place, Adriana Franchi 1st place & Special award, Jade Fernandez 1st place

Doral Academy Prep High School Alexia Sanchez 1st place

Doral Academy Prep Middle

Paola Bencosme 1st place & Special Award

Daniela Alvarado 1st place


FIREBIRD SINGERS Record a Music Video with SONY Recording Artist - LESLIE GRACE - Video Released 900,000 Hits on Youtube.

August 27, 2015https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=


Voice/Guitar Performing Arts Alumni Alex Hernandez "Dawson" - was a Finalist Nominee in the prestigious American Song Writing Awards for his song "Your Story"
September 28, 2015


CONGRATS to Mrs. Aguilera and Mr. Lopez our art teachers for recent successes

October 7, 2015Mr. Lopez -- Exhibited at FIU as part of the selected graduate students on their Annual Showcase.
Mrs. Aguilera's art piece entitled "Juntos Crecemos" (together we grow) was selected for the Hispanic Heritage Doral Art Exhibit-- She was guest of honor at the celebration and personally congratulated by Mayor Luigi Boria.
Great to see that our faculty not only excels in the classroom but in the professional arena. Congrats to both!


October 15, 2015


Small Works Art Exhibit Award of Distiction!
October 19, 2015

Congratulations to Ariana Bendana, Melissa Santos and Gabrielle Galban. They each were rewarded with distinction in the Small Works art exhibit. Their work will be on display until Nov. 2nd in MIU. Also big congratulations to Gabriela Fernandez for winning the Amazing Sketchbook contest!


I wanted to share with all of you the great news for our AP/ Performing Arts student, Stephanie Verhelst. She has been accepted to SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) for the Fall of 2016.


Firebird Singers to Perform at Adrienne Arsht Center Opera House
September 9, 2015

Firebird Singers to Perform at Adrienne Arsht Center Opera House this Friday, September 11 - 8:00pm as part of the International Ballet Festival - They will perform an original piece composed for the event by the Company's Composer in Residence - Isaac Rodriguez entitled "Ode to the Dance" to open the Gala performances.


 AP/ Performing Arts student, Stephanie Verhelst. She has been accepted to SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) for the Fall of 2016.





Congratulations to award winning student Anais Perez - won $1000  participating in the 2015 Latino Art Beat Competition.  The artwork has been forwarded to the Latino Art Beat office in Chicago for National Adjudication.


We are happy to inform you that our Keyboard Students did great this Saturday at the District Music Assessment --- THEY WON TOP PRIZES!! Keyboard Students of Mrs. Frometa and Dr. Yanes.

30 SUPERIORS and 6 Excellent --over all -----

District  Keyboard Assessments Results for Doral --

Middle School   --20 Superiors and 4 Excellent
High school     ---10 Superiors and 2 Excellent.


Gabriela Suarez, Elizabeth Perez-Hickman, Stephanie Suarez, Gabriel Roque, Anabella Ruiz, Kayla Fernandez, Veronica Andrade, Juan Juarez, Katherine Martin, Santiago Gomez, Aileen Rivas, Gema Rivas, Adrian Pinto, Carolina Sancho, Jamal Qawasmeh, Valeria Roman, Gabriel Escobar, Lili Marcelin, Ivanna Jorge, Tiernen Pan, Axel Vera, Tae Lee, Diomarr Vicente, Sarahlina Castillo, Giancarlos Lopez,Amanda Bravo, John Bravo, Cameron Allen, Alessandro Riggio, Nia Longsworth, Michael Duboc, Michael Lau, Jose Borgas, Gabriela Rodriguez, Dariana Martinez, Jason Bravo.


Hi there! We are very proud to announce that out of 163 schools that participated, Firebird TV placed 2nd in the country in Film and 3rd in the country for Broadcast news.  We are very proud of our accomplishments during the Student Television Convention in San Diego.  Emily Lara also place 2nd place for the multimedia category and Briana Trujillo received honorable mention for an on the spot commercial she created.  We have come a long way the last few years and we are looking forward to the future.
Thanks for all of your support!
Mrs. Diaz & Mr. V
The following students participated in this years competition:
Acosta, Vivian
Aguirre, Nicole
Arteaga, Kevin
Becquer, Ashley
Cabrera, Carlos
Castaneda, Ashley
Chavero, Edgar
Contreras, Michelle
Dasilva, Alec
De La Rosa, Michelle
DeJesus, Katherine
DeJesus, Kimberly
Gatica, Roberto
Gimenez, Andres
Gonzalez, Alex
Hernandez, Tabitha
Howard, Alexis
Lara, Emily
Lopez, George
Lozano, Valeria
Melo, Matthew
Monastarios, Yannah
Peraza, Julian
Ponce, Alejandro
Rodriguez, Valentino
Ruggiero, Andrea
Salvary, Chad
Solano, Lynette
Sotomayor, Gabriela
Torres, Adrian
Trujillo, Briana
Vidal, Kiana


$1000 Dolly MacIntyre Scholarship
Maria Camacho
Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy, Teacher Dayami Alvarez

$50 Merit Awards

Gabriella FernandezDoral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy, Teacher Ramon Lopez

Anais PerezDoral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy, Teacher Dayami Alvarez


13th Annual Young Artist Gallery Winners!!! CONGRATUALATIONS TO OUR STUDENTS!!!!

March 4, 2015Come and join us in celebrating our Visual Artists on their accomplishments on Friday, March 13th, 2015 at the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove.
Opening Reception 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Stephanie Bravo 12th  “Scratch” Teacher:  Kevin Cabral

Ariana Bendana 10th “Frida” Teacher: Daniela Aguilera

Anais Perez 12th “My Mess” Teacher: Daniela Aguilera

Megan Rodriguez 10th “Lawyer” Teacher: Daniela Aguilera

Melissae Rojas 12th “Oriana”  Teacher: Daniela Aguilera

Anjaly Valdez 10th “Ecstacy” Teacher: Daniela Aguilera

Maria Camacho  12th “Self-Portrait” Teacher: Dayami Alvarez

Michelle Diaz 12th “Internalized Misogyny” Teacher: Dayami Alvarez

Anais Perez 12th “Elsewhere”  Teacher: Dayami Alvarez

Alejandro Otero12th “Identity” Teacher: Kevin Cabral

Gabriela Fernandez 11th ‘Me” Teacher: Ramon Lopez

Gabriel Garlin 11th “Business As Usual” Teacher: Ramon Lopez


Please join me in congratulating all the FIREBIRD SINGERS -- that did very well representing Doral ACADEMY today.

THE FIREBIRD WOMENS CHORUS -- RECEIVED --SUPERIORS from the three judges and Superior from the Sight-singing judge. Qualified them for STATE SHOWCASE representing our District.

THE MIXED GROUP - RECEIVED -  1 Superior, and 2 excellents --adds up to EXCELLENT-- Sight-singing was SUPERIOR.

The District Choral Music Assessment happens every year at a local High school -- This year it took place at Dr. Michael Krop HS ---much like the Sports District games -- we just have one shot at it -

Choruses need to perform two contracting selections in front of three judges and later sight-sing a 16 measure rhythm and a 24 measure musical selection scored for three to four distinct vocal parts -- that they have never seeing and they only have one minute to look at silently -

BOTH groups got SUPERIORS on this difficult feat--

Very proud of their achievements and their hard work and dedication ---- Please congratulate them if you know they took place in this event -

Hard work can pay off sometimes if the stars align!


It is with great honor and pride to announce to the faculty and staff about our recent participation in the 2015 Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessments. This year was our biggest group of participants yet and have collectively achieved a total of 27 high marks on their solo performances. This year we had 16 "Superior" Ratings and 11 "Excellent" Ratings! Not a single student earned a rating below the top two ratings! Please if you see the following students, congratulate them on a job most certainly well done.

Superiors:Valentina Barragan, Nicolas Miguel, Sebastian Mojica, Sofia Navarro, Roxette Rios, Yamil Silva, Mateo Andrade, Andres Arrieta, Luis Guardia, Andrea Herrera, Sean Marcelin. Jonathan Caseiro, Luis Echegoyen , Bonnie Pacheco, David Trujillo

Excellent:Julian Cordova, Danielle Varela, Mario Gonzalez, Dennis Modia, Mathew Decker
Joab Trujillo , Randy Blanco, Monica Hernandez, Alejandro Gálvez, Christian Perez
Daniel Robleda

Note: 6 of these Excellent ratings missed the Superior rating by 1/2 point!


ANAIS PEREZ -- YOUNGARTS - WINNER invited to participate at the Miami ARTWEEK --selected from over 800 applicants.

CONGRATUALTIONS!!! We have Scholastic Award Winners!
January 20, 2015

Congratulations to the following students:

Jade Fernandez: Silver Key for Photography
Adriana Franchi: Honorable Mention for Photography
Gabriel Garlin: Gold Key for Mixed Media
Marcos Guzman: Silver Key for Photography
Gabriella Lucca: Silver Key and Honorable Mention for Photography
Anais Perez: Gold Key for Oil Painting on Bed Sheets
Stephanie Verhelst: Honorable Mention for Charcoal


Tonight was the Zoolens award ceremony at the Coral Gables Mercantil Bank. The three finalist and their families attended a beautiful evening overlooking the beautiful views. I am very proud of all of the students and it was a huge accomplishment to be a finalist. I am extremely happy to announce Rafaella Cevallos was awarded 2nd place. She received: A $1,500 Mercantil Commercebank Savings Account, Professional Camera, Student Membership to the North American Nature Photography Association, Exposure on the www.zoolens.com Finalist Gallery Zoolens Facebook page and Instagram account, Mention in the ZSF e-Newsletter, Toucan Talk and exposure on the Zoo Miami website.
> The winner’s school will also receive a donation from Mercantil Commercebank!!!


Thespian Honor Society receives SUPERIOR & EXCELLENT SCORES!!!!

Once again the Performing Arts School has something to celebrate. This weekend round two of the Thespian Honors Society district competition was held. Click for more information!

Out of the 12 events that our school's troupe entered six received a Superior score and five earned Excellent. On to[p of this we were honored with two Critics Choice Awards.

These are the highest award's handed out! Two weeks ago Jaquelyne Franco won for her nakeup designs and this Saturday Andreana Beheit and Tristan Grana received the award for best duet music performance for their song.