Mrs. Yaremis Vega
Beginning this year ALL students that attend Doral Academy grades 6-12 will be REQUIRED to do Reading Plus to help with reading fluency, aid comprehension, and acquire superior levels of vocabulary. This in turn will help increase each students level of writing. During the first month of school we will be registering all students into the program. Here is some useful information:

Website: www.login.readingplus.com
Click "Student Login" to log in
Student username: mdcps(no spaces and the student ID # - example: mdcps1645238)
Student password: Student's ID # (example: 1645238)
Site code: doral

Students cannot register unless the school has already put them in the system. Our school will be registering students the last week in August once enrollment is finalized.

If you need technical help call:
Customer Service Team: 1-800-732-3758 - option 3
Email: support@readingplus.com
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 7:30PM (Eastern Time)

Reading Plus will be assigned weekly to each child and must be completed every SUNDAY at midnight. Reports will be printed Monday morning and will count as a weekly QUIZ grade. Below you will see the details for grading:

A grade of an A is given for weekly assignments completed with an 80% comprehension score or higher.

A grade of an F is given for weekly assignments completed but with a comprehension score below 80%.

A grade of a Z (zero) is given for no completed weekly assignments.

Completion of weekly Reading Plus assignment is due Sunday at midnight.

It is either an "A", an "F", or a "Z" grade. Nothing else. No exceptions.

It is imperative that you plan accordingly in order to complete your Reading Plus assignment in additional to you other homework assignments. Each task should not take up more than 1-2 hours in total for the entire week. You may do the assignment in sections every day. They do not have to be done in one sitting.

We are very excited to see the amazing results our students will achieve while using this exceptional program. Ultimately, we want our students to reach Level M (college level reading) and with this program they will surely get closer to attaining this goal!