Mr. Tom Monaco
A graduate of the University of Miami, Mr. Monaco brings his love of language and literature to the positive learning environment of the classroom. He is a dedicated instructor who enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students in order to help them appreciate the profound influence of the major writers that have helped to shape and mold our society. Outside of the classroom, his interests include all sports and boating with his family.  

Who cares? Why is this important?  In college and the work place, you will often be asked to complete a document that follows a very specific format that you don’t get to choose. Even if you think the formatting is ridiculous, knowing how to follow a required layout is a valuable skill.

Requirements for TYPED assignments:

All typed papers should be DOUBLE-SPACED.
Your paper should be left
justified only (except page numbers).
Press the tab key once to indent each new paragraph.
Heading should be DOUBLE-SPACED and LEFT justified.
Heading should consist of NAME, TEACHER, PERIOD, and DATE (see format of date in the
sample below).
Begin heading one inch from the top of the page.
Since all margins should be set at one inch, just begin typing heading on the first line.  Heading should be LEFT-JUSTIFIED.
Center your title on the first line after your heading.  Do not skip a line.
Do not bold, italicize, enlarge, change the font, or use all capitals for your title.
All papers should be typed in TIMES NEW ROMAN 12-POINT FONT.
Margins should be 1 INCH on all sides of your document. 

NUMBERS begin on the first page and should contain your last name and the number .  They should be RIGHT-JUSTIFIED.
Name, 1
Your Name