Ms. Connie Bermudez
Parents and Students,
The completion of a Community Service Project is a graduation requirement for all students. If students plan early and follow through with their responsibilities it will enhance their opportunities for a successful and meaningful project. Attached, please find a copy of the Miami-Dade County Public School’s Community Service information. Please read carefully and follow the directions for completion.
We encourage you to:
•Assist your son/daughter to complete their community service project as early as possible or by the first semester in his/her senior year.
•Assist your son/daughter in selecting a location from within his/her community that has been pre-approved by the counselor or a non-for-profit organization.
•Remind your son/daughter to get their employer/mentor’s signature and/or a statement letter acknowledging their service. 
•It is due by the end of the first semester (before the  winter break) of the student's senior year. 
•Check your  son/daughter’s  student history/course credit analysis form for completion of  all graduation requirements.
•Make at least 3 copies of this information for your records.
Once Community Service Project is complete, please have your child complete the Community Service Project Forms. The first page MUST BE TYPED.
Please be advised that no senior will participate in graduation activities without a hundred percent completion of all graduation requirements. If you need additional information, please have your son/daughter request assistance from their Social Studies instructor and/or call our School Counselor at (305) 597-9950.

Volunteer Opportunities

Heartland Hospice

learning experience working inside the offices and also participating in special projects, which include writing birthday cards for our patients, writing letters of grief for family members and other projects. Students usually commit to 8 to 10 hours a week. This would be a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a career in medicine and/or social work. Students require a background check and a TB test, all will be provided by Heartland Hospice. Orientation and training will also be given to students prior to starting their service in the office. For more information please contact Katerine Santana/ PH: (305)591-8061 x3012/ www.heartlandhospice.com