Student Council
Student Council, a prominent student government organization, gives students a voice in determining school activities and environment. It helps promote activities for the entire student body at Doral Academy High School and fosters a positive climate throughout the school.

To be eligible, a student must file a petition for nomination with the sponsor. Elections for freshmen are held in September; elections for sophomores, juniors, and seniors take place in the spring, either in April or May. Interested students may run for class offices or executive board positions.

Since Student Council is modeled on our representative form of government and is intended to promote leadership skills, members are encouraged to attend leadership-training activities in the district as well as state and national workshops and conventions.

Being a member of student council is both an honor and a challenge. Members plan and organize turnabout dance activities and all homecoming events, assemblies, and spirit week activities.

Furthermore, student council members assist with parent-teacher conferences, freshman orientation, senior citizens, the community fair, and the career fair. No doubt, student council needs hard working, creative, fun loving students who can handle responsibility.