College Assistance Program
As a College Advisor my main goal is to promote a school-wide College-Bound Culture, while also advocating for various other programs that lead to students’ post-secondary success.

I assist students in navigating the college search and application process so that each can discover their own individual best college “match and fit”.

College Advisement will provide students and their families with the information, tools, and decision-making skills necessary for students to complete all of the steps of the college selection process and/or other post-secondary program appropriate for their individual interests/abilities, including:

teaching, and supporting critical college preparation curriculum/experiences through classroom presentation, workshops and special events (e.g. guest speakers, college fairs, college trips)

advising students with academic, extra-curricular, and sports schedules plans that maximize and lead to their individual goals
providing activities and resources for students to explore self-awareness of their individual interests/abilities and how these relate to possible future career options

exploring best “match and fit” colleges and post-secondary programs

preparing and completing personal statement essays and college applications

facilitating financial aid and scholarship search, application, and award processes for students

tracking and reporting key student performance indicators (e.g. college/program applications, college/program acceptances, scholarships)