Miss Elizabeth Hanlon

Miss Hanlon is from Upstate New York, but has lived in South Florida for the last 22 years. She has taught science for 25 years at various private schools overseas (Istanbul Turkey and Cali Colombia South America), and here in Florida. This year she will be teaching 6th Grade Comprehensive Science. Miss Hanlon has a Bachelor Degree of Secondary Education in Biology and Chemistry from SUNY Oswego University of New York. Also, she has a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Florida Atlantic University. 

email: ehanlon@doralacademyprep.org

Room # 207A

The 6th Grade Comprehensive Science Scope & Sequence: This is the tentative order and pace of the course. Instructors can alter this as necessary.

First Nine Weeks:

·         Scientific method

·         Measurement and metric system

·         Natural disasters and their effects on Floridians

·         Climate and global patterns

·         Causes of weather

·         Atmosphere and spheres of the earth

Second Nine Weeks:

·         How weathering and erosion affect the earth

·         Landforms of the Geosphere

·         Potential and kinetic energy

·         Energy transfers and the conservation of energy

Third Nine Weeks:

·         Motion of objects

·         Types of forces

·         Law of universal gravitation

·         Forces in motion

·         Levels of organization

Fourth Nine Weeks:

·         Cell structure and organelles

·         Homeostasis

·         Human body systems

·         Health and decision-making

·         Human growth and development 

Required Materials for Students:

1.    Red, blue and black pens

2.    Pencils - You will need several to use during the entire year, especially for taking tests

3.    Highlighters (various colors)

4.    Colored Pencils

5.    1.5’’ - 3 ring binder (may not be shared or used for other classes)

6.    4 divider tabs for binder: 1) Notes/Class Work, 2) Quiz/Test Prep, 3) Reading/Homework log, and 4) Labs and Projects

7.     Filler/Loose-Leaf lined paper (college or standard rule)

8.    *** 2 letter size hanging file folders with name labeled on it, due during the first two weeks of the school year ***

9.    1 scissor

10.   A lot of index cards for vocabulary homework

11.   A book to quietly read after each quiz and test​​​​​​​

Extra Help:

Extra help is every Tuesday and Thursday (7:30 to 8:00 AM) in the morning only. All students sign in every time when they attend an extra help session.

Teacher Wish List: Clean wipes, package (reams) of line paper, index cards with lines (any size), tissues and hand sanitizer (especially needed during flu season). 

Lab Fees: There is a $10.00 lab fee that needs to be paid for this class. Students will have the opportunity to pay the fee online using a parent's credit card. 

Link for paying lab fee: http://www.onlinerene.com/fees/search.aspx