Mrs. Mesra Phanord M.Ed
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College Scholarships
"A Raisin in the Sun" Performance
Frankenstein Full Audiobook
Chapter 3- 1:06:09
Chapter 4- 1:24:21

Grammar: Transitions and Wordiness
Grammar: Fragments, Run-Ons, Clauses
Grammar: Punctuation Review 2 (SAT/ACT English Section)
Grammar: Punctuation Review (SAT/ACT English Section)
Watch these videos and take notes. They can help with the SAT/ACT English Section.
Paradigm Challenge ($100,000)
College Application Fee Waiver Resource
Love Poem Contest
ACT Science Quick TIPS
Influential African-Americans
Florida Black History Month Essay Contest
All students are required to submit an essay for a test grade. Submission into the contest is optional.

Essay is due: February 21 and 22.

MLA Format (left-aligned heading and double-spaced)
Times New Roman- 12pt.
Word Count (provided at bottom of essay)

-Teacher or Professional recommendation letter
-200 word community service statement (what have you done to serve the community? consider school, church or any organization)

"The Great Gatsby" Chapter 6 Audio
"The Great Gatsby" Chapter 5 Audio
"The Great Gatsby" Chapter 4 Audio
"The Great Gatsby" Video Notes (1920's)
Please record at least 7 notes from the video.
The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Audio
The Scarlet Letter Character Analysis
Macbeth Character Analysis
Please use this link in combination with what you have read to better understand main characters in the play. 
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