Mrs. Maggie Orgill- Carulo
Maggie Orgill is a graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Education. She was first inspired to become a teacher by her own AP English Language Arts teacher in 11th grade. Since then, she was motivated to get as much experience as possible. She has been volunteering in her church as a youth group leader doing outreach programs such as mission trips and going to a homeless assisted center with students from 6th grade through college. Maggie has also worked with America Reads through Miami Dade College to help students from Kindergarten through 2nd grade with reading skills and comprehension. Since she graduated in 2015 she has been avidly looking for an opportunity to use her skills. She has been a teacher at Doral since 2017 and is excited to begin a new year at Doral Academy Prep teaching SAT and ACT reading and writing strategies.

Any and all make-ups/extended time is to be completed after school on a Tuesday or Thursday. The student must communicate their need for extended time prior to an exam. Makeups must be coordinated with the teacher upon their return to school via email or in person.


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