Mrs. Maggie Orgill- Carulo
1 inch binder with 5 dividers (may not be shared with another class) (due Aug 26/27)
Dividers are to be labeled: Notes, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing
1 duo-tang with prongs folder (due Aug. 26/27)
Please note that this item is for data purposes that they may take home to review with parent/guardian(s) and must be on them at all times in class.
Black and blue ink pens (due Aug. 26/27)
2 #2 pencils (due Aug. 26/27)
Headphones (students need their own to watch online videos in class) (due Aug. 26/27)
College or Wide ruled paper (due Aug. 26/27)

Collaborative Materials: These materials will be for the entire class to use. Please help us keep our classroom neat and germ-free. Should you need parent hours, please provide a receipt with student name and ID on the top.
Boxes of Tissue
Hand Sanitizer
Lysol Wipes
Lysol Spray
Lined Paper