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Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee was born and raised in Mount Kisco, New York until the age of 10. She studied abroad in Hong Kong before moving to Miami where she finished high school. She has been a math enthusiast and an active participant in Mu Alpha Theta for many years. In college, she did various education-related jobs such as tutoring and teaching assistance where she discovered her passion for teaching and helping students in various subjects ranging from math, science and engineering courses. She graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering.

She began her career as a liason/translator where she helped a local business open an international branch in China. She gained valuable business experiences throughout her time as a translator and eventually became the Chinese branch manager. She also did stock trading for a number of years before following her path towards becoming a math teacher.

Jessica is excited to be starting her journey as a math teacher as well as pursuing her hobbies in art and writing during her spare time.