Mrs. Ania La'O
Welcome to Doral Academy Preparatory!

My name is Ania La'O and I will be your child’s Spanish Teacher this school year.

I have a Master in Spanish and Literature from the Superior Pedagogical Institute Enrique J. Varona (Havana, Cuba) and 25 years of experience. I have my Bachelor of Science in Education and Spanish and my World Language Spanish Certification from K-12 in Florida. I also worked as a Physical Education teacher for 6 years. This job gave me a complete experience to teach children the importance of the relationship between body and mind.

I will offer my knowledge to the development of the skills that your child will need not only in the classroom but in the growth of their values and their individual personality. My class will be imbued with moral values, which are based on the history of the United States and the respect for the Constitution, the belief of human freedom and respecting the right of each student.

This will be a year of high expectations and your children will face a world of creation and learning, not only in language and writing, but also in history, rationality, and human growth. Your child and I will go to the class with a maxim: "Learn" — because for me learning is reciprocal. They learn from me and I will learn from them. I'm sure they have a lot to teach me, especially in the Urban Dictionary where I have so little knowledge!
My priorities are my family and my profession. My teaching results will be a sign of my love for my job and my respect towards those who receive it. The greatest sign of a teacher's success is being able to say: "The children are now working as if I did not exist."