Mr. Esteban Cruz
Mr. Cruz graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Florida International University in 2016. While attending FIU, Mr. Cruz took part in the America Reads program and worked as a tutor/teacher assistant in Dr. Carlos J. Finlay elementary. He later went on to teach 6th grade U.S. History and 7th grade civics at Ada Merritt K-8 Center during the 2017-2018 school year.

This will be Mr. Cruz's second year teaching at Doral Academy and is looking forward to an outstanding school year. During the 2019-2020 school year, Mr. Cruz will be teaching 7th grade civics.

Zoom meeting link ID: https://ave.zoom.us/j/9781578628

Online classroom policies and procedures:

Rules to follow during Zoom:
1. Be on time
2. Attend meeting with your FULL NAME
3. Make sure to have your uniform shirt on
4. I WANT TO SEE YOU, I am not lecturing an empty screen.
5. Have a paper and pencil ready (just like if we were in class)
6. Listen QUIETLY to the Lecture. Make sure your audio is on mute.
7. I will randomly call on a student. He/she will UNMUTE their audio and answer my question(s).
8. Once the lecture is over you will be able to ask questions, which you can place in the chat box and I will respond via chat or audio. The chat box will be available for everyone to view, however you can also send me a private message.
9. Maintain virtual Etiquette.